Maïtre de chantier

I had a phone call with Mark yesterday, inter alia to talk about the so-called “maître de chantier”.

These are my notes:

  • It’s something you absolutely need, it’s very important.

  • Role description: follow up the works in great detail

    • On a day-by-day basis: check whether the entrepreneur does everything according to plan

    • Attend the weekly “réunions de chantier”

    • Report to the plenary meeting, and seek decisions where needed

    • Take urgent ad-hoc decisions

  • Duration: 12-18 months

  • “Isn’t that something the architects do?” => nope, the architects will come over to check things every 1-2 weeks, but they don’t take responsibility for what the entrepreneur (“the entrepreneur must follow the plans, and we assume that he does” is the general line among architects, or so I have been told)

  • Options:

    • Share the work between 2-3 people (“doable”)

    • Hire another architect and count on a fee of 60-70 euro per hour (excl. VAT)

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