Make a in/out plan for speakers

When are speakers coming? When are they living? Where are they staying? We need to know all this  to keep track of comings and goings, and also to organize a speakers dinner.

The OpenCare people from partners other than Edgeryders will take care of themselves (but it’s still interesting to know when the speakers among them – Guy Melançon, Marco Manca – are coming and going. Ezio Manzini is an exception, because he is Edgeryders, so Edgeryders will pay for his trip. @ireinga, @Noemi, I put Ezio in touch with you guys re logistics maybe three weeks ago, maybe this is taken care of? If not, it should be asap. Ezio should ideally fly in on Wednesday, as he will attend the Thursday consortium meeting. He will then hold his LOTE5 workshop on Friday; up to him when he leaves.

Information from my end

… I added everything that came my way about travel dates and lodging in the wiki. @ireinga please fill in the info that you have.

Other than Saturday evening (Feb 27) we don’t really have everyone in. An early Saturday dinner (19:00) before the Disco Soup?

Sunday is a good day too, at least for guests from overseas.

I can organise the speakers dinner at our Space in Brussels

Am checking the expenses for food now. Shouldn’t be too pricey as it will not be at a restaurant, but in our home.

Nice but wonder

Whether it s worth hurrying up for the disco soup which on top of musical chopping is also about having dinner. Shall we all meet back for the bonfire?

It’s a bit of a pity cause disco soup is good fun

So when is a good time then?

Sunday? On Sunday we are missing the OpenCare people though.

Tough call

But we will have a separate OpenCare dinner on Wednesday. I would really like a dinner with Giulio, Millie, Bob…