Make a LOTE3 minisite page in Italian as an entry point for the Matera local community/collect links to articles

Speaking with Rossella at Comitato Matera 2019, I was asked to prepare a page in Italian to introduce LOTE3 (the partnership, the 3 tracks, the program) to the Matera local community. I know [Rita O] is translating the styled program into Italian over the weekend. Can I ask [IdaLeone] to take care of writing the text? Then somebody familiar with Drupal, like [Dorotea] or myself, can upload it, create a menu entry etc. It will be shared by communication offices of Comitato Matera, the City Hall etc. etc.

They also asked for a collection of links about ER/uM/LOTE3. Here’s mine:

program italian version

[Noemi] the translation it’s over! I sent by e-mail 2 hours ago. Hope that it works

Livable Life!

Yes, there is this short post on Livable Life!

Meetups in Matera

The Meetup system says there are 94 Meetup groups in or near Matera:

I can set one up about unMonestary / ERs for free (using my partner’s existing account, as I did for ERs in London). If I do it in English, can someone join it and make the information bilingual/Italian? Individuals are most likely to join in Italian so there needs to be an Italian speaking co-organiser to respond to them. Is this worth doing? The system contacts random meetup members with certain stated interests, eg. social entrepreneurship. I think its a free platform to promote unMon / ERs and bring members together for events, collective working and sociable chat about ERs. Any opinions or suggestions about this? Offers to be Translater Co-Organiser?

For ref, this is the London ER Meetup site:

David Ridge


[Vidrij Da], watch out: it is unMonastery, not unMonestary. I am not being pedantic, but trying not confuse search engines and boost SEO karma.