Make a short video for Catalyst team

We were asked by the CATALYST team to send in our take on community testing, answering the following questions. They will compile a video with all communities involved in this process, so I said why not. Will be sending it end of this week. @Hazem and @Ruxandra in particular, if you have thoughts on what would be interesting answers (see #5) jump in, if not no problem.

1/ Who are you?

2/ Describe your community (size, geographical localisation, topics of interest, for which purposes you use online debate)

3/ Why did you apply to CATALYST open call? What was the core content of your proposal?

4/ Which CATALYST tool(s) are you going to use?

5/ Which results are you expecting from the use of CATALYST collective intelligence tools?

Expected results from Assembl use

Hi, I do not know how long the answer should be. Here is the first draft of the expected results that I see regarding the use of Assembl software within the Edgeryders community:

"The use of Assembl should have an impact in the efficiency of online collaboration and of the projects organization of the Edgeryders community.

Key expected results are:

  • Members have a better understanding of the discussions on Edgeryders through the overview and synthesis features (extraction of key section of messages and organization under key themes).
  • Members can get involved more easily and are stimulated to participate, as they can directly jump in on the topic they are interested in and there are creativity widgets."
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my expectations

these are my primary  expectations  :

  • as  a community manager/builder am expecting to have a better understanding for the community ( network ). in other words I have been involved in the platform since almost a year ( 11 months 1 week ) and after this testing ( both assemble and edgesense) I am expecting to have a better vision of what already happened before me joining the platform in a more quick and efficient way.
  • expecting through edgsense to know more about the central conversations. also to catch up with the peripheral conversations.
  • know more about who are the central people. also check about the peripheral people and may be can introduce some conversations that could be matching their own interests.
  • catch up with the degree of "activeness of community" members,  see who was active when, and try to go further by introducing content that could "re-activate"
  • understand more the clustering that happens online, how it develops and what affects it.

Thanks you two

Much appreciated, will send them along :slight_smile:


video and texts sent!