Make preparations for the Twitterstorm and send invitatons to participate today (and everyday this week!)

Building a Twitterstorm involves many moving parts.

In order to increase the likelihood that our current and future efforts succeed, as well as lower the costs of organising them I thought an overview of what needs to be done in what order would be helpful. As well as link each part to a task which will serve as a template for the next time just copy paste text and modify next time.

1.Create event press release

  1. Produce briefs for the event or discussion tracks

  2. Post instructions for Twitterstorm participation on the Twitterstorm event page.

  3. Crowdsource and grow our lists of influencers to invite to the twitterstorm for each country (twittersphere, bloggers, and Journalists) and send them personal invitations at least one week before the event. We have a list for ArmeniaEgyptGeorgia and International.

  4. Create a storify in the languages we need, right now its Arabic, Armenian, English and Georgian

  5. Prepare flyers, description text with links, status updates and email calling for twitterstorm participation.

  6. Send out personal invitation email to individual Edgeryders community members with many followers. As well as a more general personalised one to the rest.

  7. Send out invitations to people you want to learn about your work via social media or email.

  8. Prepare tweets (pick content up from the social media calendar for the project or event and reframe around the tracks or discussion we want to drive participation aroundd)  a

  9. Pre-schedule some tweets: so you are both participating in the stortelling, but are more free to ask and answer questions.

  10. Create a dashboard on the event page: a page with the hashtag embedded and a chat room, so you only have to co-ordinate from a single location|  remind everyone everyday of the twitterstorm the entire week before | call and remind key participants two days before, the day before three hours before

  11. Pull down the twitter data from (how are we archiving tweets?) and report on what you find

On day of twitterstorm> we have have at least two people operating the main account responding to tweets directed at edgeryders account. And Co-ordinate around who is going to taking a question first, then allow others to follow up