Make sure your organisation is registered in the EU Participant Portal

Hello team,

As some of us are getting busy with the application writing in the google drive, I wanted to draw your attention to the fact that all our organisations participating to this project need to be registered in the Participant Portal to have access to the electronic draft proposal for uploading and editing purposes.

In my understanding, at a minimum a legally appointed representative would need to:

  1. Register individually for an ECAS (European Commission Authentification Service) account

  2. Register the organisation for a PIC (Participant Identification Code) number

Please check the EU FAQs page for all the detailed info, and confirm that your organisation has been through the above or if not, someone is currently on it.

Do we need to check anything else in particular about the submission system or are most of you familiar with it? I’m asking because I’m not and just getting familiar with it.

Your info?

Hi all, can you please fill in your info in the shared spreadsheet? (located in the drive)


I filled the excel with our data and PIC number.