Making A Living #LOTE Session

The session was divided into the 5 areas of the Making a Living campaign and Edgeryders distributed themselves on the 5 corresponding tables: Paid Work, Social Inovation, Recruitment, Allies and ?. Every 15 minutes they rotated to a new  table/topic, except for one person who became the table host and filled in the newcomers on the dicussions so far, ensuring fresh ideas and perspectives.

The topic coordinators reported back at both the end of the session, and in the Dynamic Reporting session using the papers from each table which were used to harvest the ideas of the Edgeryders who rotated through them.

This video features the “table hosts” summarizing the discussions and possible outcomes:

Hi Chris, Jovin et al.

Congrats! Rumor had it this was a very successful session: you moved fast, people knew what they had to do and you even got the chance to rehearse the final reporting in your group  :)

I wonder if Chara or someone can post here the questions that seemed to be on people’s minds, and especially those that are the most difficult, didn’t have answers to, or that we can reflect upon further.

PS I like what Jacky mentioned, that part of making a living is connecting with what others are doing, and getting to know what initiatives are there. This reiterates what Nadia was noticing, as well as our ethnographers, that networks are big part of finding and supporting work.

Hello from my side!

I was

Hello from my side!

I was hosting the “?” table and my experience was similar with the one I have from the online interaction… most of people have the same questions, seeking for the same answers and trying for a better future towards making a living and being happy!

Some of questions that raised during the session were:

  • What drives us to find a job? Is it curiousity and passion or curriculum? 
  • What about education and making a living? Do we really need education in order to find the most suitable job for us or maybe we learn more from our hobbies?
  • Are we over qualified for the jobs we are looking for?
  • How do we access knowledge? Is it only educational institutions that give us this option?
  • Do we need more innovation in administration?
  • Do we give ourselves the possibility to change our lifestyle and known professional career? Are we open to changes?
  • How do we combine family and professional life? 
  • How can we achieve a consistent revenue?
  • How do we present our real skills and "powers" in a written CV or with a few words? 
  • How do we make meaningful links and connections with people in our professional career?
  • How to stay faithful to the initial idea of a start up (studies, work, etc)?
  • How to link our skills with our tasks?
Some of these questions have been present to mission reports of the Making a Living campaign, but I think we can evaluate them more and make some conclusions (or assumptions)

If you have more to add please feel free to do it. Moreover, as I didnt have the possibility to go around and participate to the other discussions I will be grateful if you can share something!

p.s Can anyone help me with uploading photos on this comment? I tried but there is no an upload option… :frowning: