Making Business happen: Reflections and event format idea

So during lote3 I ran a session with Alberto about hiring oneself through Edgeryders. In it I synthesised my insights on something I have been giving a lot of thought to, and experimenting with hands on. Making sense of how to get from an idea to money in the bank, and learning to get better at it over time. Or as Alberto puts it, the fine art of making business deals happen.

This stuff is really hard and costly. What makes it a lonely, exhausting and really risky process as a non-employee is having no one to talk to and collaborate with. But what happens if you are approach this as a network of individuals, acting towards shared goals? Is it possible to coordinate our work, and collaborate loosely so that we are becoming better at doing this and supporting one another’s ability to make a living? Both as a network and as individuals? I think so. We are just beginning to explore network dynamics and how to  build, grow and leverage social capital towards being able to make a living.  Already what we have achieved in Edgeryders defies expectations of how big things get done.

And in a previous post I had started outlining a process by which we could take this challenge on and learn how to become really really awsome at this as a network.

Organisation UNDERVERK — Design and art experiences in Stockholm.

2013-11-22 19:00 – 21:00

Plats In a home in Stockholm., Stockholm
0 1 2 3 November 22, 19:00—21:00 500 kr

In collaboration with Underverk for Season 1 — Hemmet, Yurie Hama, owner of café Kikusen, starts her home sessions that consists of food experiences designed together with people from various fields. Yurie will be hosting the two following events:
#2 Savouring — 500kr 
November 22, 19:00—21:00
Number of seats: 5
An encounter with food and visual creation. 
The combination of food and art can be a challenging and sometimes over-sophisticated and intimidating encounter, which often leaves no space for the genuine simple pleasure of experiencing something nice. This event is all about drawing this encounter back to an experience where taste - aesthetic and gustative - comes first, enhanced with the cosiness of being in the cook's home.
A casual yet elaborate Japanese meal, inspired by the surrounding space and objects created by invited artists, will be shared among the guests along with traditional sake. The designed objects will be available for purchase giving the possibility to recreate the meal experience at home.
(The menu includes fish stock)
Ivana Trump, Porcelain tableware
Izumi Sato, Cushion design
Kyuhyung Cho, Graphic
Yurie Hama, Food
Akane Moriyama, Space