Making Remote Work Friends

Research finding in regards to how remote workers make friends have suggested:

There are two consecutive funnels for making friends with your remote colleagues characterised by two sets of questions, and if the answers to those questions are no, the possibilities for friendships to be formed are very low:

Step 1:

  • Does my colleague respond in an expected time frame?
  • Do they have relevant skills that I might rely on to do my own work?
  • Do I like working with and communicating with him/her?

Step 2:

  • Do we “click”?
  • Does my coworker have time to be friends?
  • Does being friends with my coworker hurt my work in any way?

Please, go through these questions for some of your coworkers and finally ask yourself:

How well do you know your distributed team members, structure, their skills and their interests?

And if you do not feel you know them well enough, try thinking about how you could change that, if you want to reach out or if you want to need some better visualisation tools or such.

Please share how well you think you know your remote colleagues and how you think you could improve that.

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