Making smocks and visors for hospitals at Blivande

It is not - you are correct. But the political and the outcome are linked via the people themselves as well as politicians. Trump is clearly pandering to the voters he knows will stay with him in the hope that they will be enough to carry him. Everyone else can go to hell as far as he is concerned. So with this we have a loop between the leader and the people he panders to who think that every word and deed coming from the government is designed to harm them and curtail their freedom. I can’t see how it can be measured, but the level of cynicism in this society is very great it seems to me. And all the wishful thinking. Flattening the curve = all clear. Except it doesn’t mean that at all. Flattening the curve is just to make it so the health care systems can cope at all. This thing has already in 2 months killed more Americans than the entire 10 year Vietnam War. And yet the So Cal beaches were crammed with people yesterday.

I recommend this article, and the two interviews in it. It actually arguments against the categorical statement I made earlier in this thread - about opinion having no place. It does, so far as to that you can look at the same data and come to slightly differing conclusions on what a good policy is.

I am definitely more of a Giesecke than a Ferguson.

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