Manukyan Manuel

Political system is a political and management system. It usually compares law system, economic system, cultural system and other social systems. But it is a very simple opinion (approach), because it is a much more difficult system, which includes categories such as: who should have the power, how should the religious problems be solved and what influence should the management have in nation and economy. Here are some definitions of “political system”. Political system is a conglomerate of organizations, interested groups (political parties, industrial associations), the relationship between these institutions, both the political norms and laws, and laws regulating their functions (constitution, election law).

Political system consists of NGOs with authority. Political studies - one of the organic part of humanities culture. It includes the experience of many generations, who are engaged in the research of political and other problems of a government. The experience belongs not only to the government, but also to contemporary times, continuing to influence on political process, ideological movements and on political theoretical knowledge of evolution. Important points of political system 1. Mutually dependent parts. 2. Civic Culture. 3. Government. 4. Limits. 5. Citizenship 6. Area 7. Wealth It is important to influence on human mindset, influence and help to come true the idea of each person.

The experience has shown that the most prospective to, way affect is a psychological management. In case you affect the mental part, he or she will understand it more thoroughly: it’s necessary to shape and form the willower through humanity, so not to run for something that is luxury and easy to reach. Lets advert our ancestors: there is no need to invent a new bicycle, but to improve it: Through the centuries our ancestors came up with different ideas and inventions, and we need to take all these background and work on its improvement: it’s important to understand that the religion is not obstacle on our ways to communicate with different nations and cultures: People believe, but who in what way does not matter: it is  important to understand that the development process of our political viewpoints is accompanied by the agitation of our social problems which are obligatory to expound in point of concepts, principles, and theoretically political development positions