Many things happening on this web site

which is the best way to have a good understading of the big pic? simone

What do you mean?

Simone, what exactly do you mean by big pic? 

For me, the easiest way to navigate content is per topics, so I use the Projects page. If you’re looking for general interest information, try the Blog. If you want to search per topic, use the search button on the upper right side of the menu.

better explained

i am trying to ask which is, if any, the beter way to udnerstand overall how the situation is. which are the core and basic tread/topics. which are the old projects thatn can be useful to learn. which the methodological session, which the “new activities”, which is organization stuff (useful!) …and so on…is there a kind off menu/ index…and in your opinion what is mandatory to read and know. what is less relevant


I would go through Projects page

Nope, there is no index as far as I am aware, but a quick skim through the different project pages could help you find interesting reads. For example, the unMonastery group page has a block on its right side of the page titled “Active in this group”, and from there you can browse several posts.

However, at a first glance, I think the following threads might interest you, all refering to parts of our journey in founding the company (easy to browse if you type, for example “enterprise” in the search above:

Should we morph into a social enterprise?

LAB: experimenting with new business models together

Playing with Keywords and concepts for ER company

Hire yourself: using the Edgeryders corporate shell for your projects (discussion with community)

-same topic, the presentations and output from Lote in Matera, on the same topic of Hiring yourself through Edgeryders

Hope it helps, if only a little…

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Very Helpful!

… and the links you shared are the ones that I boomarked! :slight_smile:

It matters not!

[Simonedb], in a Spot The Future context it is irrelevant what people are talking about on Egderyders. Reason: we claim that we can get a discussion started on pretty much any interesting problem. So, if you have a client that is interested in the future of money, we can definitely kickstart a cutting-edge discussion on Bitcoin, network bartering, reputation servers etc. If they are interested in the future of welfare, or education, or work… you get the idea.