Map of tomorrow: Mapping Transformation in Germany -> Russia?

I am Helmut Wolman, the Founder of and new to this Forum.

Map of tomorrow (Karte von morgen) is the most used mapping Plattform for social-ecological Transformation and sustainable Economy in Germany. It is used mainly by NGOs and Scientists. Check out more here:

In 2019 we spread out to Belarus, where a similar movement started

No I am looking for Partners in Russia. Thanks to a funding from the German foreign ministry we can do a Hackathon there this summer and start a Mapathon to make sustainable movements visibel.

Do you have contacts in Russia? Are you interested in participation?
Read our call for Participaton. That makes it easier for you to share it with NGOs, which could be the Hosts of the Map for Russia of tomorrow.
Download PDF:
You are welcome to join this project:


Thank you for sharing this @HelmutWo!

Could you maybe tell us a bit about what motivated you to do this project or share a story about a challenge you faced/overcame?

Hi @HelmutWo! I actually know a bit some people in Falanster, @mikhail_volchak helped me out with a project some years back.

They are more likely to have good contacts in Russia than we are…

Thanks @alberto, yes, @mikhail_volchak is amazing and a brilliant networker. Falanster was our Partner in the last hackathon 2019, when we build:

Falanster is again Partner in this project, but, unfortunately, Mikhail was arrested in the End of January. We hope he will be free again very soon!!!

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Thanks @MariaEuler, of course I love to share our motivation.
We see our mission at wechange eG to connect Changemakers worldwide, especially to the eastern-countries, which are often forgotten, partly because of the difficult, democratic situations there, but also due to the language. But we have a global climate challenge and therefore mapping the different approaches and pioneers of change in each country, is very interesting and brings hope to both sides to not stand alone.

My personal motivation came very much in the last hackathon with Belarus. Our Funding-Partner, would not fund the same project in the same country again, but we thought it might be a clever idea to just cross one more border and do it again. … but … Russian Partners are rare…


Oh, man :frowning: Figures.

Great to see you here @HelmutWo !
@MariaEuler wouldnt this post fit in the poprebel “east” section of this site? I remember that I muted that category and are currently unable to find it.

I think its and I misunderstood it (due to my language skills), this is specifically for czech, polish and serbian discourse I guess.

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@noemi takes care of that corner of our community.

@noemi do you think we should move this?

As with many ways of categorizing, it depends on what @HelmutWo is interested in…
If he’s looking to talk about technology or about wellbeing,

If it’s a general interest topic it can also just live in Campfire - that’s actually where I would advise - especially for newcomers it’s a good place to post for broader readership.



Its both: work on a joint plattform to increase wellbeing…
So i moved it to Campfire…

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Harsh times for the NGOs in Belarus and in Russia as well. Is it possible to organize some support for Mikhail? @alberto @HelmutWo

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What do you have in mind?

There are two Parts of the project

  • The Technical part is the Hackathon: There its just about setting up the mapping plattform, improve the usablity and create APIs for Linked-Open-date. A very new topic for us is to create a possibility to show relations and cooperations on the map. So that you can switch from a geographical view to a network-map (similar to

  • The social part is the Mapathon: To find out, which movements are important for Transformation in education, social entrepreneurship and klimate-change to foster a sustainable development. That a little bit about mapping, but a lot about strategy, network building and education.

Both is part of this project. Main Meeting is in August for one week but there should be a lot of collaboration already in advance online.

I took part in the IT workshop by Falanster several years ago. So sad to hear about that. Spreading the word will make a difference.