Mapping the Commons

We are working on developing a web-based tool searchable by various criteria so that relationships and areas of possible collaborations can become more apparent. It is a platform for both tangible and intangible assets: stories, unused spaces, resources, memories, activities and ideas, through which people will be able to see their neighborhood as a holistic system in which new configurations of the assets and relationships can be considered and tested.

The site is currently under construction at

We are looking for collaborators to share perspectives, resources, and anyone who would like to participate in developing this tool: on the ground community organizers, social innovators, ethnographers, artists, storytellers, programmers and creative thinkers.

Mapping the Commons is a collaborative project based on using the same method to solve certain types of challenges in a community, by mapping assets so that organisations and individuals can find resources, opportunities and allies within their reach. At the root of Mapping The Commons is the goal of creating a tool that supports the processes needed to develop long-term economic, social, cultural and environmental sustainability practices.

I am interested in your project. I am wondering if it’s still open and if you still need help. If yes, what kind of help.