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Mapture is an app that is bringing credibility to the world’s photos. i don’t wanna bore with a long post. but if you like the idea you can read about it here. Time for Change. We need to re-think the way we use… | by Mapture | Medium or check out website at or check out the app at

Have you ever been in that situation where you were witness to something important and needed to document and verify it instantly?

Feel like snapping a realistic photo of a travel destination?

Need to photo-report a health hazard in a restaurant or hospital?

Experiencing extreme weather conditions that you need to warn others about?

Want to show a traffic violation or accident?

Want to expose some kind of harassment, theft, or human rights violation?

Mapture offers you the opportunity to do any of those, leaving a watermark of the location, date, and time on the image, verifying its source and authenticity, while also allowing you to remain anonymous, and free of judgment.

Why Anonymous?

A preconceived notion is defined as “an opinion formed beforehand without adequate evidence”. Many people form preconceived notions. It’s part of our nature. However, it is a major obstacle in the way people absorb and comprehend information. By allowing you to become Anonymous, we are able to let the real issue at hand truly get the attention it deserves: the content being viewed. We truly believe that with anonymous users, content can be viewed by everyone regardless of any ideology or preconceived notion. The user will be viewing content in its purest form, thus facilitating the opportunity to form one’s opinion without any external influences. This purity is what we aspire to achieve, and hope to deliver to you.

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Hi, is this an app you’ve built?

Im curioous about what you mean and how you feel it contributes to improving the situation on the cground where ever you are?

Yup :smiley:

Hey Nadia,

yeah it’s an app that i’ve built with two of my friends and we’re working hard in order to improve it. 

the app tracks the phone from its gps and lets you capture pictures and we verify the time from our servers. the pictures taken with mapture are stamped with the location and the time of when it was taken so verifying that it was taken then and there.

the app then lets you post the photo anonymously on a map of the world for the whole world to see. you can offcourse share the pictures later to any social network and carry the conversation there. but now your pictures are going to be verified and  no one can dispute that these pictures where taken at a that place and at that time.

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welcome and really nice app

1st of all welcome on board :slight_smile:

actually the idea of the app is awesome especially these days with alot going on on the streets (protests and other stuff) it became really hard to know the truth of what’s actually going on in the streets , and alot of old photos and videos are shared and u have to filter them and goole them in order to find out if they are new or in the same place of the event or not and that’s is not efficient at all :slight_smile:

also in a conversation with @heathery a journalist in this post he mentioned Storyful as a company that helps news organizations filter our the noise and use social media as a kind of newswire while talking about street journalsim and social media , what do u think about that ?

also what about data secuirity does this app just add to the huge data the big companies and servers have and give them more control ? or it doesn’t matter as already ur location is known so it is the same data anyway ?

Great idea

I can see where you are coming from. It is potentially a good service for citizen journalism… is it being used a lot, or just an alpha rollout?