Marisa, graphic designer

Hi all, I’m @Marc 's sister ! I’m a graphic designer and I offer to create some graphic/web design communication. My brother told me about your works and I find them really interesting. If you need to communicate on them ( brochures, leaflet, business cards, logos, schemes, webpages…), please contact me : contact[at] I’ll be pleased to work for you. Thanks for your attention and have a nice week :slight_smile:

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Hi @marisa and thank you for your generous offer!

Can you please point us to some of your previous work? We could use a lot of help on visual design here :slight_smile:

First thing that comes to my mind - bi-weekly posters for announcing events, for quite a while we thought about hanging some of them in a city so people can find out about events we do here. Most likely simple A3 in color…

@Kei, @Ola do we have all the previous design element somewhere in one e-space or at least linked from one place?

my website

Of course ! Sorry I forgot to link my website : There is part of my works. No problem about making posters in any format.

Info card design


FYI @marisa originally made the design of our info cards for unMonastery Matera.

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Two of you?

Good to meet you @marisa. @Marc is already a powerhouse, and now there’s two Schneiders in the field? We are going to take over the world! :slight_smile:

2 Schneider !!

Yeah, for 1 Schneider bought, 1 is offered !!! How lucky you are, all !!!