Mark the stewardship conversation for import into Assembl

@Luca_Mearelli has given Benoit of Imagination4People some sample data, but it makes sense he gets the real stewardship conversation data for import into Assembl. The reasoning is: we already have a professional ethnographer’s point of view on that conversation. It makes sense to compare it with a harvester’s point of view.

So, @Ruxandra, here is what I am asking you to do.

  • Go through this list.
  • For each item in the list, click on the link, then edit the node by clicking on the "Edit" tab. I have given you Content Manager privileges.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the edited node and tick the very last box above the "Save" button (see screenshot below).
  • Click Save

Once you are done, mark this task as done, and Luca will be able to export only these nodes into Assembl.

I appreciate it is a boring task, but we have not found a technical solution for filtering relevant content scattered all over Edgeryders without this. Also ping @Noemi and @lhgillies

Error for the second item on the list

Hi @Alberto. I had a look at the list, did the first item on the list. But at the second item, I received an error (see screenshot)

I suppose the project should be: “LOTE4: The Stewardship (2285)”. I do not know what the number stands for, and I do not know if it should be all the time the same text or not.

Thank you for your answer!



Happens to me too sometimes

For some reason when the person editing the wiki/post is not part of the groups assigned to those posts, the “Your group” field remains empty… and you need to fill in a name there before you save. The first post was assigned to more than 1 group, and some you are part of. The second was only assigned to Lote4… and although you appear as a contributor maybe it’s drupal bug… make sure the “your group” field is completed.

Or others have another explanation?

If you run across more of these, I suggest you signal them in the doc and I’ll go in first thing over the weekend. There’s no use you spend too much energy figuring it out.

first group stewardship case studies uploaded 8 out of 26 posts.

Hi Noemi,

thanks for your message. Yes, I had many other similar issues, and finally when I went trough I managed to upload only 8 out of the 26 stewardship case studies. These were number: 1, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11,15.

What should I do to be part of the group assigned to the wiki and posts, so that I can upload the others as well? Is there another solution?



Some ideas

Try leaving a comment in any post of that group, or simpler, create a Test post in the group? Curious if the situation changes…


An admin such as @Noemi can add you manually to groups (“Administer group” tab).

Stewardship conversation for import into Assembl was marked

I have marked 110  posts and wikis (out of the 117 in the list) with the stewardship conversation for the Assembl import.

I still face bugs for 7 posts/wikis:

-hacking public transport:

-surviving basilicatas oil bonanza:

-matera European city of culture:

-general feeling of comprehensive visit management :


@Ruxandra I see that you have marked the task as done. Have you solved the bugs? Do you need any help.


Same problem with groups as above. I took the liberty and marked all the remaining ones. Thanks Ruxandra!

I guess what’s next is our meeting with the folks in Assembl and take it from there.

Ok, ready for export

Calling @Luca_Mearelli. You can now export via APIs all the nodes + their authors + the comments to each node. You should apply the filter that the Boolean field called “Selector” is “True”.

The resulting JSON file will be passed onto Benoit for import onto our Assembl sandbox.

Meeting tomorrow with Assembl team

Me and Ruxandra have a meeting tomorrow with the team to discuss moving forward, Benoit included…

It is my understanding that we want to proceed by importing the content, do the harvesting on Assembl and then:

  1. Engage community members to validate the synthesis in a smaller iteration; I remember Benoit saying the whole point of Assembl is not just to synthesise, but have participants engage with the synthesis to create new content and meanings…

  2. Incorporate the feedback into a new synthesis.

Anything I am missing? I have to say I don’t fully understand the technicality of importing, hoping it will become clearer afterwards.

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Summary of the Assembl team meeting

As Noemi wrote, we had yesterday a meeting with the Assembl team. We discussed how we were going to import the content from Edgeryders to Assembl and how to proceed with the synthesis.

As the testing of Assembl needs to be iterative, and have people react to the synthesis, making conversation more lively, we decided that we are going to proceed in different steps:

  1. Import all content regarding the Stewardship discussion

  2. Create the table of contents into Assembl

  3. Create a synthesis of sub-theme number 1 of the Stewardship discussion

  4. Two weeks later, create a synthesis of the comments to the synthesis number 1, and create a synthesis of sub-theme number 2

  5. Two weeks later, create a synthesis of the comments to the synthesis number 2, and create a synthesis of sub-theme number 3

In total there will be 3 synthesis, all in the same space within Assembl. We were thinking of structuring the synthesis on the same basis as the Open -Ethnographer.

I hope I managed to explain well. The advantage of this approach is that the synthesis will each time be concise, and will allow people to read and interact faster.

Any news from Luca?

I concur… is @Luca_Mearelli already in touch with Benoit?

The horizon we are thinking for database import is 2 weeks.

Assembl synthesis and Open etnographer

As we discussed that the Assembl synthesis should be based on the Open etnographer report I suggest that in the table of contents we should have the following parts:

  1. What makes a good steward (which will be the synthesis of week1)

  2. Case studies (which will be the synthesis of week2)

  3. Findings from the case study adventure and tips for success (which will be the synthesis of week3)

It is unclear to me if I need to work now to make a more “chewable” version of the Open Etnographer as @Noemi suggested in her email 3 days ago, or if I need to wait until the Assembl import is done. And work directly on the Assembl table of contents and synthesis.

In the meantime, yes, i will tick the “selector” box when there will be new nodes (posts, wikis, events etc.) concerning stewardship, as @Alberto suggested.