Masters of Networks 3

Wikitalia is organising its 3rd hackathon for community builders, collective intelligence scientists and researchers in Rome next week. Starting from the point that any online or offline interactive conversation can be represented as a social network, several communities will be plotted as interactive network graphs with the help of Edgesense. Having different case studies at hand, we’ll try to give a shot at answering some of the following questions that popped up:

Why is debate fruitful and creative in some contexts, sterile and conflictual in others? Are there reliable tests for a debate’s good health? Can we predict how conversations will evolve?

Myself and @Alberto will be there as part of the Edgeryders team, and will hopefully do a summary afterwards. If you are interested in the topic, follow #MoN3 on twitter over the next week.

For more info be sure to check the official event page:

Date: 2015-03-09 22:00:00 - 2015-03-10 22:00:00, Europe/Bucharest Time.

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