Matera 2019 community meets the Edgeryders

In the framework of Matera’s bid to the European Capital of Culture title in 2019, the Matera 2019 Committee enabled the creation of an online platform initially aiming at allowing interested citizens in contributing to the bid book. It was all about confronting the potential community with the 40 questions asked by the European Commission and seeing what stuff came out of that.

Fact is, something different happened. In my eyes, something much more interesting: people actually started posting “missions” which were actually seeds for projects. Let’s plant 100.000 trees until 2019, let’s make the Municipality adopt the Open Data standard, let’s organize an event in another city to support Matera 2019, let’s organize a collective digital storytelling photo contest, let’s do an international cooking contest based on videos of local recipes, ecc.ecc.

The important thing is “let’s”. Online platform enable collaboration: Edgeryders now the pros and the cons of all this. The Matera 2019 community has been discovering this in the past months. We are at a crucial point, right now: the bid book has been deposited, we ae now asking ourselves what to do with the platform. We have a couple of months, okay: but the real question is whether beyond Matera 2019 this thing has a utility.

We would love to:

  • present the Community
  • present some projects (which have or have not been realized) linked to questions on the relation between online collaboration and offline changemaking
  • knowing about the Edgeryders and listening to your feedback. 

It would be a 2,5 - 3 hour session: after welcoming you guys and putting you into context, there will be a brief presentation of the projects linked to crucial questions related to this online-offline collaboration dynamic. Each one would leave space to get your feedback and experience. Some of us would be gathering info, taking notes for sharing and pinpointing theme words…

We would love to show you the platform and know more about your experience on the Edgeryders!


Bring it on!

Sounds fabulous, and a great way to have Edgeryders and Matera 2019 Committee to officially meet, after all this Lote3 ping-pong. IMHO we here can learn a lot about local community building, and what puts things and people into movement, namely:

  • how do you build offline engagement; how does the committee gather wider support and validation of the projects?
  • how and if it is easy for a local community to coordinate online and offline at the same time (from my experience very few people can master engagement through both channels, and Edgeryders might just be needing more of this in the future..)

So many people in there I’m watching online, and look forward to meeting at Lote. Should we prepare for anything in particular, logistically? we’d probably need people to be prepared to translate, other than that i dont know…  Vibes are good inside MT2019? I’ve been reading your thread there but cant really figure out…

Here I am!!

The cooking contest project is mine! It didn’t work, I’d like to hear Edgeryders people to discuss why, and to learn something from them. Failing is growing? I hope so :slight_smile: I need 10 minutes (more discussing time)

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I’ve posted the mission on my FB page and am now pingin all the people on the community whom I’m “friends” with: so they are allerted :slight_smile:

Logistically, yes!

We need:

  • INTERNET :-)
  • projector to show each mission + slides made by our precious developer Piersoft Paolicelli
  • translators (I'm one of them)
  • TONS of patience 
  • moderator: tough to say, but there is a risk of overspeaking without getting to the point! 
  • YOU GUYS to listen!

I am in looooooove with what is happening. Let’s put a bit of emotionality in all this :slight_smile: Excuse the enthousiasm, but I’m in Rome, in a country falling apart, but confident that change is already happening and it’s stuff like this that is part of it.

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:- D


Enthusiasm and being in looooooove with what is happening, it’s so wonderfull !

(I’m in Lisbon, and feel kind the same. )

With my arms up and emotionally expressing:  ​yeih! with you!

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