Matera Universe by Matera with Edgeryders

I have started being seriously into universes since hanging out with transmedia people. After my recent wild lote3 experience and a first acquaintance with Matera, I thought: wait a minute, Matera is a universe.

(picked up this word from Asta who is based in my hood and other cool transmedia people&storytellers, and Matera is exactly it. I’ll be referring to this crowd later, and if anyone who reads this post knows any of them, then invite them for a coffee)

So, I found out that and I think it can be quite handy. I’m probably not the only one overwhelmed with all this ideas of what one can do in Matera, in the unMonastery and beyond and what kind of cool stuff we can build together with Materani. My question is how it all connects together.

In the universe things, processes, people, and all sorts of stuff are connected because they are it’s elements. Sometimes different elements of the universe have elements of each other within. To make a long story short: like Marvel. It can be comic albums, and movies, and brands, and games (video games or just RL games), objects or lifestyle - whatever. But not really whatever, because it is not a random mix, it’s a universe.

Well, my attempt to make a story short has sort of failed.

I tell you what: I spoke to Giuseppe, and he wants to make a photo-book. Because I can’t read properly, I first read his message on hangouts as photo-booth, and thought: it’s kinda cool, I want a booth, it can be a rebirth of an unConfession booth with audio recording features.

Antoinietta who welcomed me, served royal breakfasts and entertained with conversations on education and languages, had an idea that it will be cool to make a fiction movie about Matera. Not just use the landscape and say it’s something else, but about and by someone who is in Matera. She’s hanging out with local students and can be one of the Matera-to-unMonks connectors. Adil started cooking up something with internet radio. Bembo, as far as I understood, is infiltrating a theatre crowd and it might grow into some special thing. And so on.  I obviously don’t know of everything what’s happening. (It is actually doesn’t matter who does what as long as it is happening.)

All these individuals interact. So, if all this, and/or something else is happening in Matera and even better, if possible projects include elements and signs of each other the universe is expanding. It is indeed fun to be in this kind of universe, because something is constantly going on, but at the same nouns head explodes from trying to grasp it all at once.

So, I will continue thinking of all this as a universe (because that’s what it is), feel free to join in if all what I just wrote makes sense. If it doesn’t,  I’ll be back anyway telling everyone about Matera Universe.

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These words make even more sense after what happened yesterday: #portaMateranel2019 was trending topic in Italy for three hours, supported by a distributed group of people which make the Matera constellation. It would be great to have you post what you just wrote on our Matera 2019 community. It’s always important to mix perceptions and explain points ov view. Your words are particularly precious in this particular moment: we are waiting for the results of the Matera 2019 selection (due on Friday) and meditating on the past and future actions. If you feel like sharing your insight, this would be very much appreciated! Thanks K…

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I’m happy it makes sense. I will try to make it a bit more comprehensible and put commas in place, so it’s easier to read, and post it on Matera2019.

Its cool you can relate to it, so I know it’s not just me getting crazy.

I feel like the word “universe” really fits. And universes are very good for collective storytelling as well.