Matrix: Can't connect to homeserver

can’t connect to homeserver

Hey @Matthias I keep getting this message, am using Firefox browser.

"Can't connect to homeserver - please check your connectivity, ensure your homeserver's SSL certificate is trusted, and that a browser extension is not blocking requests."

Homeserver setting

@Hazem , this usually means you entered the homeserver address somewhat differently than intended. The software is quite picky about this. For example, an extra slash “/” at the end will give you this result, and so will omitting the port number “:8448”. Try copy&pasting exactly this into the “home server URL” field:

I just tried it with that again, works for me. (So our Matrix server is still up and running.)


thanks, yes an extra “/” was there after pasting the url.

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Thanks, reported it as a UX issue

Thanks for the feedback Hazem. I had the exact same issue in the beginning, so I proposed an improvement to the Riot software here.