Matteo Uguzzoni

I’m an architect (urban planner) and a game designer.
Since 2009 i’m exploring real-life game as a media to create social change (right now we operate under the name of Urban Games Factory)

Among games that we’ve designed and produced there is CriticalCity Upload (2010 > 2015), an urban transformation game that involved more then 13.000 player around Italy, or Codice Indaco an immersive and interactive experience in an abandoned lab. I’m the host of a podcast called “the Playcast" - a podcast about Immersive Theater, Real Life games and everything in between.

I’m currently the Game designer in residence at the MICA Game Lab (Baltimore, US) and the coordinator of the Nomadic branch of Trust in Play, the European School for Urban Game design, proudly a project of the Culture Squad :slight_smile:


Hello @matteo_uguzzoni!

Great to have you here!

It would be amazing if you could share some of the key insights of how to create social change through games in a post here or as its own topic. I am sure many of the community members would love to hear about that!

If there is anything we might be able to help you with, like reaching out to collaborators with certain skills or sharing your projects please say so.


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