Matthew Lesniak is joining us for the Reef Codesign Sprint!

I’m happy to announce one of our special guests attending the third community workshop on 28th November:

Matt Lesniak, a community builder and urban innovation enthusiast who has worked in both the placemaking and shared living sectors implementing social impact strategies and measurements. He is a shared living consultant at the Conscious Coliving collective aiming to create a paradigm for more connected communities. They have a great Manifesto which I invite you to have a look at: Coliving Manifesto: Connection with Self, Others & Nature

Before boarding the Conscious Coliving journey with other like-minded people, Matt used to co-live at the Art / Earth / Tech London Hub, a ‘home for Londoners looking to find a middle-way between the hamster wheel and Mani wheel, the condo and the campervan. Through dinners, film screenings, poetry nights, talks and sprint weekends we come together to be and to do, but mostly be. The doing always takes care of itself when the being is good.’

At The Reef Codesign Sprint, Matt is going to share his experience and provide advice for the group, as a friend and mentor:

Edgeryders is an inspiration for community-based activism and the values of The Reef align deeply with my personal visions for the future and the vision of my consultancy Conscious Coliving. I seek to contribute to communities that create a weller, wiser and more sustainable future and also want to learn from a community pushing the boundaries of social and environmental innovations.

Meet Matt and others in The Reef Community at the CoDesign Sprint on 28 November!

Register here before 26 November:

Location: METROLAB, Quai du Commerce 48 in 1000 Brussels