Media DeConstructor: Translating mass media to multiple perspectives

Disinformation via the media today has become what is technically referred to as ‘agnatology’, or induced cultural ignorance.

Private and political agendas are being pushed on nations via lobbying, corruption, and via manipulation of traditional mass media. Correcting this tendency of modern so-called ‘journalism’ is vitally important as a key part of a solutions based information and knowledge architecture.

At BeTheMedia in Madrid an action proposal was brought to the table calling for a further event to be created in which we build this tool as a ‘Code-athon’ set inside a media awareness and strategy event as a YIA project set for next March.

This is a little too far away for our liking though, and so we are considering other ways of getting this done quicker. Suggestions and contributions from the community are welcome, this project is Open.

The aim of the Media Deconstructor is to rectify agnatological journalism by encouraging active citizen participation in observing and correcting misleading information in mass media communications.

We suggest that the deconstructor offers an ability to ‘pull’ texts from websites, or even a simple window for copy pasting articles initially and subsequently, that these articles can be highlighted, annotated, and be linkable to corrective materials via links.

So far I am fretting about this YIA application, its a bit daunting, and so I’m also thinking about Goteo as a possible option.

Edgeryders, BTMers, help us

Please join the conversation, help build momentum, and feel 100% free to take this wherever you think it should go. That is gets done is the main thing.

Also, it might be worth a mention that one of the proposers is a comedian and there are a team of very creative media activists and agenda trolls involved so this should be quite a bit of fun in the making.


I joined the group mainly to let you know about the following: a guy I know called Merjin Terheggen is in the process of building a startup called Factlink. The main idea is to crowdsource fact checking by building a “fact checking layer” on top of the web. I suggest you guys look quite deeply into it, because he and his team have been turning this thing in their head for years, and they have ironed out all the obvious flaws in the concept. I have not been able to poke a hole in it, other than the obvious fact that this thing needs to be very big to function effectively, and it will take time and a lot of money to get that big.

I think now thery are at the second or third round of venture capital investment. If you want an introduction, Merjin is a really interesting guy.