Meet Paola Villarreal at OpenVillage Festival (Creative Commons, technology, justice, …)

I’m happy to introduce a new edgeryder! Paola will be joining us in Brussels October 19-21.
She recently joined Creative Commons as Director of Product Engineering, designing a search engine that supports the organisation to advance culture of openness into social behavior, beyond using the licenses: “I want to build a more usable commons, a more vibrant commons so people can benefit from its openness. This creates a virtuous cycle where people collaborate and are grateful to each other.”

Paola is joining a panel at #OpenVillage festival. I asked her to share insights into how she and others who do programming for the greater good can finance work dedicated to solving pressing societal issues. Paola started applying for fellowships in 2014 (she was a Mozilla Open Web Fellow), and developed a personal strategy to get funding. Her experience has to do with training oneself to find out the funders’ perspective and possible adjusting one’s research to increase the odds to get a project supported.

More about her work:

You can hangout with Paola by joining The Edge of Funding on October 20th!