Meet the Edgeryders: Renato!

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As a young man while finishing his studies, Renato served as a town councillor. This seemed to completed his move from a humanities into economics and he ended up specializing in evaluation and monitoring of public policy… This also enabled him to work independently and with the all-important contribution from like-minded people willing to share some risks with Renato, that then morphed into a company. Capacity works for Renato: he can do things that long-time employees of public AND private organizations can’t. They depend on people like him to function. So Renato and his peers can consistently make a living.

Renato is currently exploring how to enable collaborative monitoring and evaluation of public policies as well as programs and projects funded by public money- together with his team he has created an online tool* and methodology to do this. Why does it matter? Because this contributes to making public policy more transparent and accountable. Renato’s challenge is that bureaucratic obstacles make it difficult to run a sustainable business as a small company in their field, even though they are recognised as being good at what they do. And even though they are making a valuable contribution.

Do you have any experience to share as to how to survive public procurement processes when you are a small creative business? Help the evaaluation model and Renato by sharing your experiences!

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* Renato’s description of how the SVM online tool works:

The way it works is: 1) the evaluator structures data set with the governance of program/project, selecting what they want to monitor and how to collect this data in time since the start to the final steps of the iniziative; 2) Governance decides who is/are person/s that leads the process; 3) the evaluator explains to him/her how the tool on line can be used and what can be extracted from it (pivot in excel, graphics ecc…) to comunicate inside and outside the organization; 4) the data collection process begins when the program/project begins, and data base, as a digital whiteboard,  grows up in time;  5) Evaluator and governance can select the way to use that data base in progress that’s been created with the contribution of people involved in this project/programm: it can be used to do periodical public or private reports, to summarize the most important data of that monitored period (not only the economic ones), to extract in every moment pivot with statistic elaborations, to do graphics, to analise the satisfaction of people involved in and peolple who use what the program/project create (pubblic services for example).

Les Sabines

Glad to meet you, Renato!

What is the link to the online tool* and methodology?

Sorry, all I hear about are stories of small businesses not making it in the actual gov systems. Large scale companies occupy all the room. There are even bad stories of curruption and collusion. A big mess?

I tried to develop a business market with Government in the Lab for a year. We failed at obtaining contracts, even though (well, I think) we were excellent, and we put outstanding ideas and proposals on the table. The competitor, however, O’Reilly Media, recently succeeded in getting one of its employees sit on the new Canadian open governement advisory panel. Does O’Reilly Media need presentations? If Canada got this large corporation as consultant, I thought that proposing GovintheLab as a consultant for the province of Quebec was a pretty good idea. Hey, small consolation: Quebec hired nobody, big or small, cause there ain’t any opengov… even after 16 months of analysis, and a final report has been filed.

We would need an army of Renatos in Quebec to clear out the huge mess. The province has been nicknamed the Canadian ‘computer dunce’. To explain the situation, reporter Louise-Maure Rioux Soucy said  ‘there is no pilot in the plane, and the plane doesn’t even show on the radar anymore.’ !!! Oh, please clone into many more like you… like in Les Sabines of Marcel Aimé (a story published in the book Le Passe-Muraille, in 1943).

There was at Montmartre, in the rue de l’Abrevoir, a young woman named Sabine, who possessed the gift of ubiquity. She had the ability to multiply and be together, body and spirit, into places she pleased to be. As she was married and that such a rare gift would not have failed to disturb her husband, she kept from him the disclosure of this secret, and only used it when she was in her apartment, at times when she was alone.

Renato, meet JohnFMoore, also an Edgeryders participant, and founder of Government in the Lab.

Thank you

Glad to meet you too Les Sabines. Here you can find some information about SVM on line:

The problems you found in Canada, are the same we found in Italy since 2005 when we decided to try tha path of business without safety nets. But we had an intuition and the strenght to carry it on that made possible to compete with big companies and win, at least for a time. But what we did, we think, is the example that it can happens again. And we try and try and try again.

I will certainly meet JonhFMoore to know about his experience in Canada.

Thanks to all of you.

Do this

Go ahead, please discuss directly with JohnFMoore: it’s a great idea! Sharing strategies and experiences will really be helpful.

We proposed consultancy services and many projects to this gov — because THEY REQUESTED us to hand in several consultancy ‘pitches’ proposals. But they did not engage to do any of these suggestions, just kept postpoing them in time, without getting into anything concrete.


After our stuff was grandiosely rejected, the MP in charge of the analysis of o gov informally too me to the side of the hallway to suggest me to create an open data (citizens advocacy) project. What? He was pushing me to the lower level of governance (further disengaging the provincial level). And this is no consultancy, by the way…

Unlike Spaghetti Open Data, the citizen-based groups of Quebec asking for opendata have not been doing any opendata themselves. (There are only 2 groups so far, one for Montreal created a year ago, and a recent one for Quebec City). They did not hack data, like Alberto Cottica explained it here at Edgeryders.
However, a recently launched project (a month ago) started experimenting with some hacking: they set up a few sets of data. This group is supported by an anglophone newspaper and opened info (ie the information obtained by reporters through the Law on Access to Information process was published as part of a data set) is considered to be useful to reporters, for further use.

I was stunned by the MP’s request. As if eligible projects must be pre-set by the highest spheres, and only these ideas can be heard and allowed to exist. The rest of ideas can rut?

I left the creation of Open Trois-Rivières to someone else. Someone may devote to this cause one day.

I was asked to change my dreams, forget about my interest for international relations, and reduce my scale of vision, from half the Francophonie membership to a single municipality. I prefer collaborating with Edgeryders, It is a lot more rewarding and inspiring. At least, I get to meet people like you, Renato. I’m might not be doing anything, ie I have no more project on the table. They are not dead, they continue to exist in my head. I can keep thinking, hoping and dreaming. And more importantly, I can keep growing. Since nobody else is doing the things that I had hoped, there might still be a chance that they exist (or some of it)… at one point…

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