Meet the Future Makers Nepal Team

Meet the team of Edgeryders who work for the Future Makers Nepal dialogue space!

These nice people help UNDP Nepal to find out what we can learn from the citizen responses to the earthquakes in Nepal (and to its other challenges).

Alberto Cottica (research, UNDP contact)

“Economist, network scientist, committed citizen and runner. I am not in Nepal: my role is to stay back at Edgeryders home base in Europe, advise and help on research methodology and connect what the Nepal team is doing with the rest of the community back home. We really believe in what you guys are doing, not only in helping each other in the quake’s aftermath, but also, in the same process, in helping new leaders – and new styles of leadership – to emerge. We hope to be abel to learn from you in the near future.”


Anubhuti Poudyal (community building)

“I love writing. The themes have never intrigued me, feelings always have. When I work, health and social issues have the strongest connection to me. I feel we need to encourage people in attaining what is most important to them. This “thing” is usually pretty basic, mostly health. When the disaster struck in Kathmandu, it was like watching myself and my country in a movie; it was too unreal. But now that we know it is our life, we cannot wait to get up, dust ourselves and make the most out of the experience. It would be a tremendous opportunity to hear stories from heroes and survivors, volunteers and change makers. I am glad we’ve already started the recovery process. Just drop in an email if you want to reach me or follow me on Facebook or Twitter. It is very exciting to be here!”


Dipti Sherchan (community building)



Matthias Ansorg (project organizing, tech tasks)

“I’m a hacker, maker and computer science engineer who missed the first quake in Nepal (I came three days later). Since some years, I am a big proponent for local and do-it-yourself solutions (as you may see from my book EarthOS). Now here in Nepal, I am fascinated by the determination and generosity of Nepali citizens who help each other after the earthquakes. To me, understanding what these local initiatives in Nepal do and learning from them is a great chance to improve humanity’s future responses to disasters. You can follow me on Twitter or look through my website to find out more about me and my truck home.”


Meena Bhatta (research)



Natalia Skoczylas (project organizing, community building)

Magic maker and specialist in little-but-crucial miracles. When not occupied with making things happen, freelance journalist - for print and online magazines from all around the world, and Polish Radio Kraków. When not occupied with writing, probably organising a cultural event, hopelessly volunteering for the right cause, thinking of the next place I should live in, sailing on a boat full of artists and trying to figure out what political system would actually work for me best, and so on. Intellectual ADHD, as my professor always called me.

You are welcome to send a message to any of us. Just click a name and then on the “Contact” tab.