Meet the team: Alberto MZ

Today I would like to introduce you to Alberto Masetti-Zannini, Co-founder and President of The Hub Milan. Within the Edgeryders team, he is in charge with securing engagement in the social innovation and social business space.

Why did I join EdgeRyders? I joined EdgeRyders because throughout my personal and professional life I have always been passionate about helping people achieve their potential and, by doing so, change the world. I think we young people today stand to gain the most by a fairer and more sustainable world, and stand to loose the most if the world carries on as it is, depleting resources, polluting the environment, leaving millions in poverty and stripping young people of hope for a better tomorrow. I turn my principles into action every day at the Hub, a global network of centres for social entrepreneurs and innovators who have great ideas for a better world, but not enough resources, connections and support to turn them into reality. Through engaging with a community of passionate individuals within a hosted physical space, I have helped many of these innovators and entrepreneurs achieve their visions. But I want to do more: I want to reach out to more individuals who don’t necessarily have a project or idea in mind, but simply want to share a story, seek inspiration, find a friend to help them thorugh a difficult transition. The Internet is the best way to reach out to these individuals when you can’t do it in person, like we do at the Hub. Hence my role within EdgeRyders as someone who will help connect ideas, people and passions across Europe and the world. Thanks to my hosting skills developed at The Hub I can be of support to many EdgeRyders who will join our ranks looking for someone inspirational, or for someone willing to work with them to change the world.