Meet the team: Vinay

Alongside Lyne and Alberto MZ, Vinay Gupta is the third one of our engagement managers, he is a Brit living in Ireland. Within Edgeryders he is doing a great job building a network around the issue of collaborative lifestyles and societal resilience, a topic he’s an expert on. Vinay invented a world class simple, cheap, risk friendly & disaster relief shelter design - the Hexayurt. He is also a scientist, an environmentalist, a consultant, a grassroots activist, and I’m sure the list can go on. On twitter he is known as @leashless and recommends himself as a global resilience guru. Are Edgeryders lucky to have him or what?

Warm welcome Vinay! Bienvenue! You probably have ways and ways and ways and ways, right?!!! Looking forward to collaborating with you, and learning about your interesting engaging and riding ways. :slight_smile:

Hello, everybody! Pleased to meet you? How are you? We live interesting times. I saw big headlines talking about French-German agreement to kill the Euro. How are they reporting the Euro crisis in your country? Vinay

If to “my country” I substitute “Italy” it’s being reported in a very colorful, personalized and Italy-centric way, as usual. Our journalism tradition is a far cry from the British one.