Meeting 30/06: NVC training course + setting up the Teams

Hello @reeflings,

Our next plenary meeting is planned for next Thursday 30 June. The draft agenda is saved in the Team Reef folder (internal link).

We need your input (even if you can’t make it)

Important note: even if you can’t make it, we would really need your input to be able to set up the Teams. The links are in the draft agenda.

In sum it would be really helpful if you could fill in the following documents:

  • Skills and experiences
  • Which Teams you would like to join

Would it please be possible to do this by Tuesday 28/06 COB?

Based on this input I will try to make a proposal that meets personal preferences as much as possible, while at the same time trying to make sure that we have enough people in the Teams that we need the most to meet our objective.

The purpose of the meeting is then to find consent on the proposal (i.e. do rounds and make amendments where needed).


We start the nonviolent communication training course at 19:30 sharp at my place. You are welcome to come over starting from 19:00.

EDIT: If you can’t make it, can you please send me a PM using the Talk function on Nextcloud? Thanks!

For the next meetings (starting from September) we should have found a more suitable venue.

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Done. Is it possible to nominate people for Teams?

We may do a nominating round during the meeting if people think this is a good idea (we don’t have a lot of time though). If you can’t make it to the meeting, you are always welcome to send in your written input. I would wait though until everybody has expressed their preferrences.

The “real” nominating rounds will only take place in October though (the so-called "selection process from sociocracy), as we agreed during the last plenary.

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Hello @reeflings,

Preparation of the plenary meeting

If you have 5 minutes, it would be helpful if you could have a look at the proposal (internal link) prior to coming to the meeting (and possibly even bring a printed copy).

If you can’t make it to the meeting tomorrow a short written feedback (even a short “ok with me”) would be much appreciated.

The proposal is based on the following criteria:

  • Personal preferences
  • Priorities in terms of The Reef’s objective: purchasing a site
  • Time and skills requirements
  • Balanced Teams
  • Proportionate number of people

Another document that may be useful to have a look at is the to do list (internal link). If you use a filter on column F (Team), you’ll get an idea of which kind of tasks the different Teams will be taking care of in the next coming months.

Preparation of the workshop on NVC

Would there be a kind soul who could help me to make some photocopies?

I would need:


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It looks really good, I see strong teams there. I have a personal question mark on team external. I would like to propose we have a tentative discussion with the people interested, and decide how much to invest on it. In this discussion I would like to hear from @matteomeschiari, because he is the one who gave me the idea for the team by proposing we get involved with the New European Bauhaus (which we eventually did).

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IMHO this is a low priority Team (no meetings, no tasks). Whatever we do is extra (Bauhaus, Samenhuizen, Sociocracyforall, …) and anybody is welcome to do it. I think we should focus on our objective, which is to purchase a site.


OK Lee & ik can print the copies

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Copies = done


Thank you for this! Personally, I put my name down for three groups to show my general interest in those topics but actually being part of all three seems like a lot of work/time (maybe I’m mistaken and not all groups will mean the same workload and get into the action at the same time). Seeing that there were many other people for “onboarding and recruitment”, I could maybe offer that “spot” to someone else? Thank you and see you all tomorrow.


P.S.: Concerning a different venue, I contacted “La Serre” (next to Flagey) but we’d have to leave at 9pm so I guess that is not a good option. I can try at “Maxima” (Forest), if you agree:


@reeflings, in case you would like to bring a printed copy of the slides for the nonviolent communication training course, you can find them on Nextcloud in the Facilitation + Conflict Management folder (internal link). See you tonight!

I agree with Lee. It will be probably a more active team further in the process.
Unless there are opportunities that can facilitate on a shorter term the purchasing of the site or the financing of the project, they can be considered low priority.

@reef-it: I hear people saying here and there that they keep struggling with some of the IT stuff. Would you be willing to take the initiative and create some online meetups where people can show up and look at certain things together?

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Sure thing. @manuelpueyo, can you take care of this? I’d rather focus on Team Finance in the next couple of weeks.