Meeting #4 Thursday 10 AM CET

Hi everyone, since I haven’t heard of any objections to our weekly meetings this month, the next one is this week and you are all invited. I will send an invitation to you all on google hangouts.


To concur with our leaders in KITE, we need to start generating content! Before Thursday, please make sure you have:

1. Your Work Package with activities and budgets uploaded in the google drive. There are already models there for format and numbering. I will merge them all before our meeting.

2. Your Work Package description. I already had a first shot at WP1 by Edgeryders. You can do the same and upload your document as an editable/commentable google doc.

  1. Check the application form template and sign up to write key parts that you think are relevant to you - simply create new docs with the title of the section you are working on. It would be a first shot at them, and the rest of us can help after. @sociotechnicalmike, our leader in KITE, can’t make on Thursday but he has already done work on the proposal Concept, Impact and Management, corresponding to key sections in the proposal (uploaded in the google drive - Mike it would be great if you opened them as editable docs - that way you will be notified when someone comments).

See you Thursday, please contact me if you have any doubts or can’t find key documents.

Date: 2015-03-19 09:00:00 - 2015-03-19 09:00:00, Europe/Brussels Time.

the silver surfer

According to my screen on the Drive, everyone can edit the documents. I will look for some local support. sorry.

We see them but can’t edit

If you click on each of your file and look in the upper side, click Open -> click Open With -> Google docs, an editable google doc will immediately show in the drive. This means whenever someone will add comments to your document you will be notified via email…