Meeting Architects: Update financial estimation

Mail architects:

bonjour, nous avons actualisé le tableau avec les prix. Seriez-vous disponibles pour une réunion la semaine prochaine pour qu’on puisse vous présenter ce tableau? Lundi 17h00 mardi 12h00 ou 15h00. Bonne journée. Serge

Who can be there ? Please answer quickly.

  • Monday 26/7 - 12h
  • Tuesday 27/7 - 12h
  • Tuesday 27/7 - 15h
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@reef-building @reef-finance

Thanks for the initiative. I won’t be able to join (back in Brussels on

Can we please hold these meetings online as much as possible? This would make it possible for more people to attend.

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Ping @alberto!

Hi @Lee @RichardB @alberto

I made a mistake, it is monday 17h. Is this also possible for you?
Meanwhile I will ask Serge Fraas if we can do it online.

No, sorry, for me it’s too short notice.

Yes, that should work.

@Lee @alberto @reef-finance

Serge is sick today so it will have to be on tuesday and it can be done online. Who’s free on 12.00 or 15.00?

sorry, in a retreat with my new boss for the two upcoming days, so can’t attend.

Tuesday at 3 is impossible for me. I could do at 12 with a bit of hassle.

I’d rather sit this one out. If you guys want me to be there, I can do 15.00 for 30 minutes.

I will set for 12.00 and tell we coulb me some later.

I can also join 12 tomorrow.

@RichardB The link to the Zoom-meeting is in the NextCloud Calendar.

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Can someone please record the meeting…

1 Like Here’s the link to the video :wink:

1 Like Here’s the link to the file of the architects

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Thanks @Julien for sharing setting this up! The links you shared above are publicly accessible links though. Can you please make them internal? Here’s a Nextcloud manual in case you need help:

In our of our “document it or it didn’t happen” rule I’ll also write up a short report and post it as a separate post.

@Lee links adapted.

Can I post here the small report of the meeting? It is finaly a post specific to this meeting

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