Meeting confesseurs in November (next step in our onboarding process)

Hi new reeflings, @Andrea_W , @Euleane , @angelika, @justinf & @susanne

Dear new associate members,
Super happy to have you onboard!! AS you might have been informed by your buddy or you saw it in your onboarding manual, one of the key steps is to go and see the confesseurs. I am a member of the finance team responsible for organizing the meeting. You will find a very detailed explanation what is confesseur and why we need them on this thread here.

I receive the answer from the confesseurs and 11 or 12th November seem to be the best option. Can you please tell me if one of you is not available on one of the days , as I will be checking with the venue whether they are available to host us.

Thank you!


Thank you for organising it! Unfortunately that is the only weekend in the coming period when I will be out of Brussels.

Dear Ugne,
Thanks a lot, I am available on both days :)!

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Hi Ugne, Susanne and I are available on both days (11 and 12). So what works best for you and the confesseur. Thanks for letting us know what the final outcome will be.

All best! J

Hi @Andrea_W , @angelika, @Justin_N & @Susanne_P

Regarding the confesseur meeting, here is the schedule for Saturday , 11th November:

12:00 Justine & Susanne
12:30 Angelika
13:00 Euleane (not taking place)

The meetings will take place at Brutopia, Avenue van volxem 381C, Forest. DO NOT USE THE MAIN ENTRENCE, please check where is communicated address, as it’s on the other side than the main entrence.
It’s in the salle commune - so called “common room” - you will see both confesseurs through the window on the groundfloor when approaching the Avenue van volxem 381C.
Confesseurs names: Jean Pierre Fraas and Marcel Heymans. Please be on time :slight_smile:


@Andrea, getting in touch with you separately to find an evening during the week day for an online meeting. It’s not ideal but will work this time.

Contact me on the phone if you have issues finding the place. 0478719714

Wishing you all a great & calm Sunday,

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Excellent, thanks a lot for arranging this, Ugne. We will be there on Saturday 11 at 12:00.

All best, J

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Thank you, duly noted!