Meeting of 26 March

Present: Noemi, Costantino, Marco, Alberto. Guy sent an update email.


  • WP1: Convene, nurture, drive and monitor a large-scale online conversation on care. Leading: ER
  • WP2: Prototype community-driven care services. Leading: WeMake
  • WP3: Design and evaluate a full-scale policy of community-driven provision of care services. Leading: SSE
  • WP4: Analyze the care conversation as data; extend an improve the armory of network science-based tools for collective intelligence, Leading: LABRI.
  • WP5: Learning, engagement and dissemination. Leading: SCIMpulse (see below).
  • WP6: Management
  1. The City of Milano joins the consortium as a full partner. It will act as the project's “internal client”: its goal is to improve its existing (and cutting-edge) Community Welfare programme by adding appropriate doses of hacker culture, community design and delivery, open hardware tech. They are to provide partner description (including a description of their programmes) and PIC; their activities to be budgeted by WeMake.
  2. We create a new WP5, called "Learning, engagement and dissemination", to be led by SCIMpulse. This contains (1) seminars in which we share our respective domain expertises across the consortium (but we make them public and share them with the community too); (2) normal communication activities, including social media. All partners are welcome, and in fact encouraged, to participate in this WP. Some ER events already budgeted in WP1 will be moved to WP5.
  3. We add to WP2 a new activity: an open call for community-driven services that the consortium will help prototype – not necessarily in Milano. "Help" includes the provision of funding: for example, people wishing to prototype a "no tech" service like living together across different generations might apply for the money to rent housing for a few months. Recipients of seed funding commit to delivering high-quality testing of their prototypes and feed them back to the conversation. I propose 100K on this. Note: WP2 becomes by far the biggest WP. I think this is OK. Update: I have seen an example in which  a similar activity was added to the "dissemination" WP. The budget was set aside in the coordinators budget. In this case, however, I think it should stay in WP2.
  4. State of the budget:
    • ER: done, except for the management part.
    • WeMake: mostly done
    • SSE: done, needs to be more specific
    • LABRI: not on the Drive, but Guy wrote he has done it.
    • SCIMpulse: in progress, should be done by Monday
    • Milano: in progress, should be done by Monday.
  5. State of the proposal:
    1. Sections 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 are ready in draft. 1.1 should be lengthened to include specific objectives; 1.3 should be shortened.
    2. Section 1.4 needs to be done by everybody.
    3. Section 2.1 needs to be done by everybody.
    4. Section 2.2.a. needs to be done by everybody – ER can help quite a lot.
    5. Section 2.2.b. comes as a result of the work of on WP5
    6. Section 3.1. is mostly done as a consequence of the spreadsheet work.
    7. Section 3.2 comes as a result of the spreadsheet work done on WP6.

    Next meeting is Thursday 2nd April, 9.00 CET.