Meeting to discuss unMonastery in Matera #1 30/10/2014

Last night we had a meeting with people in Matera to discuss unMonastery.

Here are the notes Meeting to discuss unMonastery in Matera #1 30/10/2014– thanks to Remy and James and to Luisa for Italian translations which are in progress.

To summarize this is the beginning of a process in Matera to collaborate on the next phase of unMonastery. The next meeting will focus the discussion on developing clear proposal for what unmonastery will/can be in Matera. It will not be about what unMon can do for Matera but what Matera and unMon can do together.  It will focus on:

how to improve upon what happened in first 6 months

what is important/foundational

how things can continue to evolve

I think this is now clear to people that were in the room that initiative needs to come from Matera at this stage-- as most unMonks will be gone anyway. There seems to be general excitement at this shift in thinking and approach. I think the notes don’t clearly express the conclusions reached, which are not about the problems but about the next steps. The plans for next meeting are based on the goals and understanding of a need for a true collaboration and engagement with people/organizations in Matera in developing the next phase of unMon in Matera, if it is to happen at all.

So what (we hope) will happen at next meeting:

Break out into 3 groups to discuss how Matera would develop unmon concept in Matera

  1. Process- Steps: Time/ real Engagement: Involve other people, not only same people, neighborhoods

  2. New way to collaborate, be collective, co-living

  3. Clear common objective: One topic - which can be unifying force for to bring many perspectives/ angles on the same point-- science, philosophy, art, hackers, performance, social innovations.

In casual discussions the next day we also recognized that it is important to think about the next phase as an exchange:

What can Matera bring to unMonastery: history, spirituality, platform for to share unMon as example to international community as new/old way of living through Matera2019, way of being, spontaneous, slow, highlight work of local organizations and initiatives

What can unMonastery bring to Matera, connection to international community, experiments in co-living as new forms of economy and sustainability. Something that can be replicated- European dimension. Expertise and resources in new technology and social innovation practices.

The hope is that it is now clear to people here in Matera of the need to step up to show initiative in beginning to be active stewards, along side the current unMonks, and it is not enough to just talk (which is a major step and will probably have to be re-emphasized often). I hope that there will be some collective action, emerging leadership and initiative demonstrated. Moving Materani from talking about unMon in Matera to drafting a solid proposal for unMon and Matera together would be step in right direction.

@RitaO has stepped up to start a local google group to send out notes and to organize a meeting next week in order to not loose momentum. Most likely at Unibas, a space Luca Tamborino has offered and might bring in a new crowd, and is part of a strategic move to separate unMonastery from the building.

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Thank you @mariabyck for sharing! As discussed, I think that it is pretty much important to make this kind of discussions on this platform.

It was helpful to meet you and James this morning, I do feel we made a big step forward.

One more thing: it’s Rita writing, not “Rita working at Comitato” which suddenly makes me feel like a spy :wink:

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