Meeting with the Commune of Forest in. Are we ready?

Hello @chantal_vanoeteren @noemi @BaobabUrbain @manuelpueyo, I received this:

J’ai bien reçu votre mail et celui-ci a retenu toute mon attention!

Maria m’avait, en effet, parlé de ce magnifique projet il y a quelques mois!

Êtes vous disponible le lundi 18 novembre à 9h30 ou à 15h30 ou le lundi 25 novembre à 11h?

The 25th we have the technical sprint, which I want to attend. But I could do the 18th. Minimum team is Chantal and myself. Are we ready to do this, Chantal?

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good news! 18 is good for me

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Same, 18th is good, but if you all attend I would like to skip, because I will go into reporting mode at the time and processing the info from the workshops.

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Hello Alberto!

Great! That’s a good news.

I can manage it to be there on Monday 18 november at 15h30.

Can you also confirm me the place where we will meet?

Have a nice day!

Le mer. 30 oct. 2019 à 10:19, Alberto Cottica via Edgeryders a écrit :

Noted, I wrote back proposing Monday 18 at 15.30. I think the meeting will be in Rue du Curé, 2, but I will confirm.

  • How is your own meetings scheduling going, @chantal_vanoeteren?
  • How do we prepare for the 18th?

Actually, Charles’s office is in 14 rue Saint Denis.

I sent Chantal and Manuel an invitation. Noemi is excused. @BaobabUrbain, if you are interested you are welcome too, but not required to come.

Let’s plan a briefing session, though, I do not want to go there and improvise.

Hey Alberto,

My contact in Ixelles is on holiday this week.

I have sent a email to another of my contacts this week.

I will let you know more as soon as I have more news.

This weekend, I will think about what we will have to prepare for the 18th.

Have a nice day


Le mer. 30 oct. 2019 à 15:39, Alberto Cottica via Edgeryders a écrit :

Charles wrote back asking to move the meeting to 16.15, same day. Is it OK for you, @chantal_vanoeteren and @manuelpueyo?

Ok, No problem!
That’s even better for me too.

Shall we call each other and have a briefing session before? Next Wednesday pm of Friday?

When will it suit you the best?

Le dim. 10 nov. 2019 à 23:19, Alberto Cottica via Edgeryders a écrit :


no problem for me. i am availiable on wed and friday after 14:00 for a catch up call. cheers

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Julie Mabilde from the team of the Vlaamse Bouwmeester suggested me to contact Peggy Totté who is focussing her job and research on collective and “common” housing in Belgium and Lieve Jacobs from CERA who is focussing and cooperative working initiatives.

What do you think?

Le lun. 11 nov. 2019 à 11:16, Manuel via Edgeryders a écrit :



i will be on reporting mode with Noemi the 18th
yet getting in touch with commune d’ixelles afterwards might be a ++ trajectory bc they are super involved at buildings commons in town and prone to let pilot buildings open for collective initiatives.
FEBUL just get a building by building links of trust with commune d’ixelles to create an atelier d’architecte + a common place of work for temporary organizations aiming at social impact.
which is also a nice argument to “faire valoir” to their counterpart of Forest.

wish you all the best for this strategic meeting !


And this might also be interesting for the Reef project!

Le mar. 12 nov. 2019 à 14:00, Chantal Vanoeteren a écrit :

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In principle, OK. Can you tell us more about why Julie suggested that? Does this directly solve our problem, which is

who can make a decision for turning and industrial space into a residential one? By which process? How long does it take?

I suppose she will probably know about it.
Revive also works on that topic…of transforming industrial building into housing.

Do we still plan a call and a meeting this afternoon?

if we do…At what time would it suit you?

Le mer. 13 nov. 2019 à 11:39, Alberto Cottica via Edgeryders a écrit :

Right… How about 16.00 today? @manuelpueyo

Guys, so the call today did not happen. Can we have it on Monday morning?

I would like the preparation to consist of:

  • A presentation. How are we going to introduce The Reef? Nadia has made a two-page leaflet in French that could easily be trimmed a bit and printed on photographic paper. But also: a slideshow? @noemi, how have you been doing it in your events? Do you have any advice?
  • A set of questions to elicit feedback. What does Charles think? Would it work for Brussels? And for Forest? How realistic is it? Is the concession model realistic in Brussels, as it would be in Milan or Bologna?
  • A validation of our model for transforming an industrial building into a residential one. Here we are using Charles simply as a source of information, which he possesses (or not) independently of his position as échevin. This is the trickiest part, because I cannot do it alone, not even close. This is because I still have no idea how this would work. @chantal_vanoeteren, this seems to be something for you: can you produce a step-by-step model of how a former industrial building is re-classified as residential? For example: step 1, an architect produces a reconversion plan with certain characteristics of access to natural light, fresh air, fire exits etc. Step 2: an application is submitted (to whom?). Step 3, the application is approved (how long does it normally take?), and so on. This, I believe, also interacts with the contrat de quartier, which seems to be a process where zoning and reclassification of real estate gets called into question and rediscussed. Think of this model as a flow chart.
  • A call to action. I propose this is “let’s sign a ‘light’ MOU to explore how we could go forward in the future”. Forest would only commit to provide some information and feedback on the project as it develops.

Also ping @manuelpueyo @BaobabUrbain.


I did the 2 pager, but in a hurry and it’s mostly text.

If you have time, I would definitely present it in a brochure format because you can include photos and it is more beautiful: we have the template prepared by the graphic designer, but need someone who can work with indesign or other adobe like programs:

Jo Huygh and Pierre Van Assche might be two interesting architects to meet in order to learn more about the transformation of a industriel plant into housing. They shaped the plans and managed the process for the transformation of a former printing plant in the centre of Brussels into a large collective housing complex. See the attached document.
I know Jo Huygh.

If you are interested, I can contact him for a later meeting.

Le ven. 15 nov. 2019 à 18:06, Alberto Cottica via Edgeryders a écrit :

Pierre Van Assche, architecte.pdf (130 KB)

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Interesting! From my reading of the document that’s just apartments + some offices, not collective housing. But still, someone turned that thing into a residential building!

OK, @chantal_vanoeteren @manuelpueyo. I am not too upbeat about going into the meeting without prior briefing, but apparently that’s it. Let’s meet 15 minutes ahead of time (16.00) in front of 14 rue Saint Denis. Tomorrow I will write a proposal of what we should each do.