Meeting with Triodos 23 Nov 10 am

Hi @reeflings, I have scheduled a meeting with Triodos bank for next week Wednesday, 23rd of November, at 10 am to see what kind of support they offer for cohousing projects. Who is interested in joining me?

@reef-finance the banks has asked me for some notes on the project, including budgets, number of families and units etc. I’m happy pull all of this together but maybe somebody who has been part of the project for longer has a better idea of the latest document summarising all of this?

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@reeflings I forgot to mention that the meeting is online from 10-11 !

Hmm, could this be a good time to pull in Mark, and ask him how to prepare for this?

Also, maybe I could join too… stand by for a confirmation.

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Hi Vicky! Thanks. I’m sorry I won’t be able to attend.

Hi @VickyVanEyck , I have just checked and i think i could be available at least for 30 min or maybe even the whole hour. My only fear is that I am not sure I have enough data to contribute to the discussion.

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No, I think for a first meeting we’ve got this. I can attend, so if needed I can provide an introduction on the essentials of The Reef.

Could you please add it to the Nextcloud calendar, with the link to the videoroom included?

Also: would it please be possible to send a copy of your correspondence to The Reef’s email address, and put it in cc of all future correspondence? We do this for the sake of transparency and business continuity. Thanks!

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Hi Lee, just catching up on this now. Have added the meeting in the agenda and looped in the reef in the email. I’ve sent the blueprint and the initial estimations from the architects that I found in the finance folder.

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Hi @VickyVanEyck
Let me know if i should join you tomorrow for the call with Triodos and where i can find the link, i don’t see it on nextcloud calendar, but maybe it’s somewhere else.

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@ugne if you can make it I think it would be a win for us all.

@VickyVanEyck I can’t find it on Nextcloud either. Below you can find a screenshot of the upper tab bar in Nextcloud. The “calendar” is the one indicated with the upwards pointing white triangle.

This will bring you to a monthly overview:

Once you’re there you can create a new meeting by clicking on the day that you need.


@ugne @Lee sorry, it was in my personal one, I just realised that there are different agendas in nextcloud and that you can choose. You should be able to see it now


Perfect! I will be there!

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@Lee @ugne I’ll clean up my notes in the next days, put it in a doc on nextcloud and let you add on to them in case I missed something?

I was a bit confused about having the meeting with triodos before the confesseur though. Maybe I have not understood the process. I thought the purpose of the confesseur was to see whether financially speaking people can go into this project. Does that mean you already have to have an idea about the loan you want to take before the meeting with the confesseur? I thought it would be the other way around. The confesseur would let you know whether you are in the position to take a loan or not.
Also, with the interest rates rising the way they are and where we are in the process, I don’t think we can for sure get the 3.09% already. But again, I have never been in a process to take a mortgage which is why I asked Olivier about the process chronologically, and I didn’t really get an answer to my question.

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Hi @VickyVanEyck , hi @Lee , hi @reef-finance ,
I guess regarding the Triodos follow up meeting with the whole Reeflings group, we can either discuss it during the next finance group meeting or just try to see when most of the reeflings are available. I guess it doesn’t really matter whether it’s before or after the confesseurs process, the time is running and it’s better to have it earlier than later, no? Could we do a short update on this during the next plenary meeting?

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Hi @VickyVanEyck and @ugne,

I don’t think the order matters so much. The sooner we can do it, the better, and so I would be inclined to look at the Nextcloud calendar and pick a date? For those who can’t attend we’ll write a short report with the key points.

And update at the plenary is always possible, although I prefer to keep the time in the plenary for things that require a discussion with the entire group. At this stage this is more of a Team Finance thingy, no? You do your thing, update us here on the forum, and when things really start to matter we bring it to the plenary?


ok, sounds good! anyway, we will discuss this during our next finance team meeting.


@Lee @ugne I have rewritten my notes from the meeting with Triodos (internal link) - can you please have a look and add on if needed? I had one question about the bullet loan which was not very clear to me.


@VickyVanEyck , amazing notes. You noted much more than i even remember from the conversation with Olivier (Triodos), so no comments from my side. Thank you!!

Great stuff! Thanks @VickyVanEyck! I added some minor notes, all on little details.

@VickyVanEyck quick question: when you have a little moment, would you be willing to create a new post with your minutes? This we we can tag it with “cohousing-knowledge” so that it becomes easily available for everybody (Reeflings and others). Thanks!

Thanks for the notes - very useful. I left a question in the document regarding the discount, which was not so clear.