Meetings and practical issues

Now that it looks like we are going to be meeting up more often and make this project work, I figured it might be good to separate out exchanges on less interesting issues (e.g. when are we meeting up next?) from the more informative ones. Therefore I’m taking the liberty to start a new thread here on the more practical stuff.
So following up on the latest message, thanks a lot @Sabine_B_Frank and @Malcolm for the invitation! @alberto and I are available on 9 and 10 June. After that Alberto will be out of the country for a while, back in the first week of July.
Looping in @manuelpueyo and @porcarorama to complete the gang!

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@Sabine_B_Frank and all, could it be the 9th itself, or 10th, like @Lee says?

Hello @alberto, @lee, @manuel, @porcarorama and Ugne,

nice discipline to sort our exchanges into different strands! I confirm that @Malcolm and I are happy to host you for dinner on Wed 9th June. Let’s say 19h. Rue Champ du Roi 123, Etterbeek.

It’ll be a simple and sound ‘family meal’. Please let us know if you are vegan, vegetarian or have particular things you don’t/can’t eat.

Best, Sabine


Hello everyone!!!

Sorry for the silence, I am in for the dinner on 9 June!

Firstly, thanks so much Alberto for adding me, and I believe Manuel has posted the recording of an interview he did with me last week, where I spoke a bit about what I think and how I see a co-housing project.

I look forward meeting in person because it will be much better to exchange and get to know for those that I have not met yet :slight_smile:

Sabine, let me know what I can bring (and only food issue I have is with cheese, which I don’t eat - but milk or cream or mozzarella are ok).

Looking forward!!!


thank you @lee @Sabine_B_Frank one of us will join (probably me) :grinning: and debrief. timing is bad for ada who goes to bed at that time. it might get complicated. :baby:

Hi Manuel,

Sorry Ugne can’t come!

Anything you don’t eat?

Enjoy the reappearance of spring!


Hello Giuseppe,

Leaving the cheese out shouldn’t be too hard!

See you soon,


Hi @alberto,

I’m still lacking info from you on any dietary restrictions.

Thanks, Sabine

Wow, @Sabine_B_Frank, @Malcolm, @manuelpueyo, @porcarorama… it appears we made a bit of a mess. I was out yesterday, and left the phone at home. Upon returning at midnight, I saw Giuseppe’s message, panicked, checked my calendar, and confirmed that the Reef dinner was tonight:


But that was wrong, obviously. Looked into the thread, and saw that the 9-10th choice had indeed been resolved in favor of the 9th. @Lee had the same problem, because that is on our shared calendar! In fact, just yesterday we decided how to get to the dinner, what to bring etc.

I am so sorry for this mess, I had been looking forward to it! This is totally our fault for pinning down the wrong date on the calendar. What can we do for you to forgive us? @Sabine_B_Frank, what about we drop at your place to drop the small contribution we planned to the dinner, and say hi?

(There is also a more substantial problem: Lie had talked to Cohousing Projects, and she has a substantial update. We will find a way for that).


Hi Alberto,

apologies accepted! Now I feel bad for not having sent out a reminder yesterday morning as I had at some point intended.

Well, we had a nice evening, the four of us, but we did miss you and Lie!

Malcolm and I are unfortunately not free tonight, so please just enjoy your dinner contribution yourself. And then let’s see about a next meeting and/or a further exchange on Edgeryders.

Go well,


Hi @Sabine_B_Frank,

Apologies also on my behalf. It was just a calendar glitch (my fault), but I feel very sorry.

Alberto and I don’t have a lot of plans on Saturday and Sunday. Would there be a good moment for us to just drop by and bring you the cookies?



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Hello Lie,

mistakes happen! Very nice that you and @alberto still want to come by. Tomorrow (Saturday 12th June!) about 17h would suit @Malcolm and me. Sunday afternoon after 15h would work too.

Have a nice day,


Hi @Sabine_B_Frank,

We’ll drop by on Saturday at about 17:00 then.


Lie & Alberto

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Looking forward to it!