Members' Contributions and Resources at The Reef Brussels (Draft)

About this initiative: The Reef is a platform for supporting adults working on projects tangibly improving living conditions in their communities by providing them with room and board. It consists of a permanent physical space managed by Edgeryders. As well as an online platform that connects individuals with spare room, a stimulating work environment and an online collaboration environment with 3000+ members in more than 40 countries.

What you can do with it? Attract and retain more skilled individuals to work on your initiative by offering them access to free room and board. Access not for profit, peer-driven programs to support your own personal and professional development. Pool resources for supporting more coordinated efforts l to drive acknowledgement, validation and support for your project(s). Sustainably finance ecosystems of smart swarms to achieve impact at scale.

Who is it for? Hosts & Activists, Social startup founders, Not-for-profit organisations & local administrations, property owners & philanthropies…and anyone who wishes to connect with brilliant peers doing inspiring work around the globe.

Why? To address the market failures around support of social innovation work which requires consistent participation of skilled and committed individuals.

Become a founding member right now!

Look at the list of resources available below and pick one. (Note: This is a proposed offer, not a live offer. So at this time, please don’t actually pay us, rather leave us some feedback in the comments below.)

Pledge 20 Eur (one off or recurring)

{Community Connection} Thank you for coming on board and showing us your support. Your contribution helps to finance the work of building a monthly online event in which members meet, learn about one another’s work and share information about relevant opportunities for personal and professional development of participants. You get one online event dedicated to your cause: We put the collective intelligence of participants to work on something that matters to you (a personal project, an issue you care about etc.)

Pledge 240 Eur (20 Euro/ month) {Skill Development Masterclass + Evening Talks and Dinners} Edgeryders are in the business of developing and deploying new initiatives. Many of which come at a problem from a completely new perspective. To succeed we need to invest in creating opportunities to develop new skills and mentorship from individuals who have relevant, hands-on experience. Your contribution secures a spot for you and your project in one 2-day Masterclass a year. It is a unique opportunity to rapidly develop your skills, and take your project to the next level. You also get invitations to our monthly series of lectures and dinners.

Pledge 300 Eur/year (25 Eur/month) {Community Summit + Masterclass + Evening Talks and Dinners} Over the years Edgeryders has learned to build events as engines for building collective knowledge, exciting collaborations and new business opportunities. Your contribution secures a spot for you and your project in one 2-day Masterclass a year as well as a full unlimited access pass to the OpenVillage Festival. Your contribution is used to cover the costs involved: venue & equipment rental, third party services (audiovisuals, tech assistance), staff time and masterclass leaders’ fees.

Pledge 600 Eur/year or (70 Euro/ Month) {Community Summit + Masterclass + Evening Talks and Dinners Guest room* + coworking space}

  • Use of our coworking space and guest room (incl. public transport & sim card)
  • Project development & partnership-building support
  • Invitation to participate in Skill Development Masterclasses
  • Invitation to networking dinners, parties, and adventures

*3 nights/person/month

What others say

“It was an experience to engage in discussions with physicists and researchers and place the project under the scope of an international environment.”

“The ability to discuss the project with mentors from different backgrounds was nourishing and intense. I’d like to say what a complete “eye-opener” this had been for me. It was exactly what I needed to bring this project further and I have walked away with the confidence and the determination to make the necessary changes. During the 2 days, we realized our strength was not being used to the maximum."

"With the focus on methodologies, tips and ideas and the interaction with different mentors has given new life to this project and enables us to achieve long-term success.”

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A an investment structured as a loan to future users

Winnie: Each situation has its own sweet spot(s). Small groups tend to lack diversity, yet they are likely to be efficient at the few things they do. Large groups tend to follow the opposite rule. Too much diversity in both cases loses functionality. Not enough leads to inbreeding of ideas.

Founding membership offer: The cost of starting in a lean and not-so-diverse way is an investment in all the lessons that you will learn from starting this way. In financial terms this investment is structured as a mortgage or loan to future users. They will be benefiting in hard cash when the model with lots of diversity is ultimately in place, as this model will be resilient, economically viable and able to offer lower prices on multiple fronts.

Where will the money of founding members go?

  • Qqqq  Eur - We can build a robust financial model, business plan and legal framework for managing collectively resources and assets.
  • Sssss  Eur - We can build PopUp Village to meet, design and prototype  A. How much we have already raised. More info here.
  • Uuuuu  Eur - We can take it on tour to scout locations and draw more financial backing B. How much we have already raised. More info here.
  • Vvvvvv  Eur - We can develop C. How much we have already raised. More info here.
  • Wwww Eur - We can build D. How much we have already raised. More info here.
  • Xxxxxx  Eur - W can do E. How much we have already raised. More info here.

How will you see a return on investment?

Sources of revenue:

  • Sales of specialised services for independent/freelance businesses (SmartBE),
  • Group Purchase and Development of real estate for living (Simone's Coliving in Milan)
  • Revenue from personal development and bodywork courses (e.g. Theory U/Spiral Dynamics workshops or Yoga Teacher Training ) 
  • Rental of short term accommodations (hotel rooms/beds e.g. ROAM) and long-term affordable housing (regular apartments e.g Techfarm in Stockholm).
  • Like Startups Most Intentional Communities Fail, why?


  • The key driver is to meet and build relationships with interesting people.
  • Different value propositions will work for different people at different times and in different combinations: Comfort // Productivity // Adventure // Wellbeing // Personal development // Business Opportunites // Conviviality and friendship // Happening social life// Social Prestige // Cost saving
  • A good membership model ensures that we are economically sustainable. It supports diversity and experimentation. It allows for a mix of different kinds of participation, commitment and investment.
    • Basic Membership: Generates baseline revenue without depending on square meters . Number of available memberships is unlimited. Required membership contribution depends on costs of organising events and community management.
    • Subscriber-Investor Membership: Generates capital in exchange for co-ownership. Number of available memberships is limited. Required membership contribution depends on cost of acquisition and renovation of real estate, size/number of rooms and number of days per year.
    • Resident Membership: Generates rent for running costs. Number of memberships are highly limited. Required membership contribution depends on number of square meters per person, number of beds and duration of stay.

Benefits of basic/remote membership

  • Insurance against myopia ( breaking out of filterbubbles)
  • Access to observations from the global network in your field
  • Collective intelligence-powered insights
  • Deep understanding of unconventional solutions to known and unknown problems
  • Direct access to the protagonists and solutions at an early stage
  • Discover important weak signals from the edges embedded in contextual knowledge (rich data)
  • Contribute towards achieving positive change at scale
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Great list

Very clear and convincing. Good work.

Basic/Remote Membership Perks & Activities involved

Members gain access to:

  • 1 x International Conference & Exhibition
  • 2 x Retreats (going deep together)
  • 4 x Network intelligence reports
  • Guestrooms & coworking space

Money from membership fee covers costs of producing the Membership perks:

@alberto @noemi @ilaria a reminder of this ahead of the reef