MENA YP Status Update / Roadmap Tunisia

It took a lot time for me to make the field research and meet people who want to start a social business but can’t find financial suppport for one reason or another.

The common observation of these people is that even if they have interesting and innovative ideas, they still need support in communication and writing down their project in details: I take the example of Ms. Sondes a good university professor yet she couldn’t catch the attention of funders despite the importance of her project (I transferred the file to you @nadia).

Eventhough the projects I have in hand not are not many, we can confirm that the need is there. In my opinion we must move forward to identify the relationship we will have with these project leaders: it is clear that the BD team from edgeryders will ensure fundraising and BD abroad but how to cope with the financial flow once the fundraising will be done? What percentage will Edgeryders take to cover its expenses? And what budget should be allocated for the people who support the project leaders locally in their first actions, including business modeling and the searching for local partners. I think that we need to work to identify the financial flow and percentage to maintain a relationship of trust with our benefactors / partners.


@nadia I sent an e mail with the project presentation of Sondes

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Zmorda, it is very important that anything we do is not dependent on fundraising from abroad. So it is better not to count on edgeryders doing this.