Methane-free cohousing?

This is a question for @reef-building. I was wondering if there is a willingness to make The Reef methane-free, by which I mean not even being connected to the gas network. Reasons:

  • As a passive building, The Reef would need nearly no heating. And what it does need, it could get via heat pumps.
  • Methane is a fossil fuel. Electricity, instead, can be generated by renewable sources. So, in a “good” (climate-aware) future scenario, the use of gas would stop completely.
  • What’s not there does not need installation or maintenance, so we would save a bit on building costs.
  • Reduced risks of and from fires.

Would you be willing to give this matter some thinking and brief the group with your results?


I’m all for having a gas-free cohousing, full electrification has a lot of upsides. I’ll bring this to team Building and we’ll write up a proposal to present to the plenary; is this a good way forward for you?


Yes, that’s what I was hoping for.