Methods for innovation

I believe innovation happens in the crossing point of different perspectives/disciplines, therefore a mix of people from various backgrounds is essential to bring together during this conference.

To provide a creative plattform for interaction I would suggest organisers to look into methods like Open space, 5 whys, World cafe etc that involves digging deep into ones ideas, using visualisation tools like paper, post its, crayons etc. and keeping people move between groups instead of getting stuck in one. Time limitations can be good in some discussions and letting people know that there is no such thing as failing within this space.

Hey Jasmine,

are you already

Hey Jasmine,

are you already volunteering for the conference? In which team do you see yourself fit in?

Do you know about the breakout sessions as well?


will speak on the 15th I


will speak on the 15th I think, got very little info about that, and I will bring my camera for video and stills, not sure what else I will do, open for suggestions, however I will work almost 24 hours/day before the conference so I will take it from there and not prepare so much in advance

get in touch!

hey Jasmine, I couldn’t find the conversation where we talked about your participation.

If you’re busy 24/7 before the conference you won’t have time to prepare a breakout session because we ask to each breakout sessions leader to carefully prepare the session before the conference.

Anyway this is the volunteer dashboard, as you can see we’re still looking for people that’ll carry on short video interviews to the attendants.

Are you up for this? Get in touch at: : )

get in touch


That conversation is through email.

No, I am not up for the interview part.

Looking forward to meet you

Can you explain a bit more?

Hey Jasmine, thanks for giving this a thought… From the beginning we wanted to make it clear that this super meetup and conference will only be as good as the community makes it. A reason for which all of us are playing an important role in the programme activities.

I’m looking up this World cafe method, but could you develop a bit about the other ones and how you see the sessions unfolding, using these methods? Like more specific ? Think of the breakout sessions, I think they will be the most interactive. The others are presentation style or open debate with moderator. Althoough of course interactivity is encouraged also.

Time is crucial, I agree, and the way we use it can make a difference, not just for the output and how suggestions for policy change will be received, but also because I’ve noticed it makes a difference in the performance of participants, we all have different attention spans and some may get lost or bored easily, whereas others, like me, are increasingly frustrated if there seems to be no end point or no delivery of what we are suposed to come up with…

Here is a very good resource from SOCAP

you can fast forward to ca. 6.20 to get to the mechanics

Another resource is the book Game storming -A playbook for Innovators, Rulebreakers, and Changemakers.

Open space and world cafe leaves room for two way communication instead of listening to keynotes etc

no set agenda is needed since the participants create the break outs and self navigate, within the main theme


in world cafe you work on specific themes and move between tables to get as much perspective as possible, one person stays by every table to update the next team that comes along, use paper and pens to draw all ideas by every table and make them available for everyone

when you ask the 5 whys, the person responding needs to dig deeper since he has to answer the same question 5 times

Not so much exploration as building on existing content

Thanks for the video and recommendations!

To be honest, I see lote as interactive as it can get. Have you seen the programme? Aside from these short discourse, the community is everywhere and interacting.

14:05-14:25 Opening session

Gianni Pittella – Vice president of the European Parliament)

Gilda Farrell – Council of Europe, Social Cohesion Research and Early Warning Division)

So are you thinking the ideas above could go somewhere specific? In the breakout sessions people can organize in whichever way they want for 2.5 hrs.

think of the agenda as a general layout, but the content is ours to create: we can have interactive walls, with  questions, post its, interesting captions etc. We can also find original ways of reporting what’s being discussed…  But because there are so many interesting, fun people here, it can only get great!

But this isn’t  only about exploration, brainstorming and unlimited creativity, because we’re aiming for concrete results, so it’s more of a reporting exercise in my opinion: we want to send out a clear message about our transition.  We’re pulling big guns, and we can’t leave it all spontaneous: we know one another’s experiences, and now we even have a meta view of those.

Does it make sense? Maybe others here think differently, but I think designing the event is very much related to the specific goal for having it in the first place: which is to meet with people that may not understand our stories, or if they understand they may not know what to do with them, and so we need to find the best way to communicate our experiences.

The unconference, on the other hand, will be pretty much what you describe…  and more.

good combination

I totally agree on the result oriented perspective, a transparent design with a clear framework is good, so yes it will be great. Unfortunately I will not be able to stay at the unconference, I am sure that will be very fruitful too.

How are we doing it then?

Thanks for sharing the video, Jasmine! I thought I would watch it for a few minutes to get the mechanics but I ended up watching it all :slight_smile: I believe this could work indeed once everyone understands the format. We also applied the open space methodology in a meeting a few months ago. Athough I remember the scary faces of ppl in the audience while we were getting educated about a new and free way of discussing and we got very curious about how this will bring the best out of each and everyone of us. I gotta say we had great results! So do we have the methodology for the edgeryding conference laid down already? How to get those all across to the participants prior to the meeting? Can hardly wait to get to know everyone :slight_smile:

Good to hear the results were great, yes being activated can be scary, often because people are afraid of failure instead of embracing and learning from it. Also, the combination of talks and open sessions, like the plan for this conference seems to be, is good since it gives people freedom to chose the level of participation, the internal thinking process is important, we need space for both collective and individual deep thinking. Will be awesome to meet everyone!

gamestorming wiki

I believe that innovation is the most powerful force for change in the world. It is shown by coming up with new way to produce a solution to an issue or problem. - Dan Sciscente