Mexico's Earthquake

Good evening good fellas,

Mexico is currently suffering from two earthquakes in one week, with around 300 casualties or maybe even more!

Is there anything the good people of Edgeryders can do in Mexico to aid, first of all, those under the wreckage and secondly, the families?


Not that much we can do from here, but fellow Edgeryder @elf_pavlik is in Mexico so let’s point him to some best practices for community based disaster response we developed over the years. (This started in 2015 from @natalia_skoczylas’ and my time in Nepal, our earthquake experience there being 8.1 and 7.3, respectively :frowning:)

(1) Our “original research” paper, from the 2015 earthquake in Nepal:

(2) Applied to the 2015 floods in Tbilisi, Georgia:

(3) Applied to the 2017 monsoon floods in Nepal:

Elf, hope you are well and the material is somehow useful. Let us know is we can assist in a more specific way!


Elf “marked himself as safe” on Facebook. Yes, Elf, we are following this from a distance…

I am volunteering to help fundraising a bit - we managed to raise money for a couple of shelters and supplies while in Nepal. Let me know @elf_pavlik if I can help with it


I came across this open call for volunteers to design and rebuild shelters and furniture for the affected ones in Mexico. Hope it helps those who want to take action

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My wife is leaving tomorrow morning for Mexico City for seven weeks. By coincidence she has planned this trip for months to have a language immersion experience. As it turns out this is all right in the heart of Mexico City and Puebla. And I will join her there right after I return from Brussels on Nov 2 until Nov 9. She will be updating me daily on what is happening there from her perspective.


Please do include us in such updates John.
All the best.

Will do. She just arrived there a few hours ago. She did notice that her hotel room had a couple of big cracks in the walls…

She just posted this on FB:
Went walking in my neighborhood in CDMX yesterday. Cuauhtemac to Roma Norte to Condessa. Will post some pix when I can. It is striking how the neighbors have mustered. Sidewalks are cleaned, debris is neatly stacked, private trucks haul off waste, citizens offer services to each other:massage for stress, face painting to keep kids occupied Every block has several donation centers. Whole groups of teens show up with donations of food or bicycles then stay to help. you can find the biggest damage bu looking for the caution tape and rows of police. And tents for services and for shelter. There are separate shelters and donation stations for pets. I saw some buildings still being excavated, with more dead expected to be found, but hope is still strong. There are stories of some survivors after 2 weeks after the last big quake. There are posters all over with cards pens and pins to sent messages of hope and strength. The local schools are still closed so the parks are full of children all day. There have been thunderstorms every night. The people unharmed are scared. For many young people it is the first time they faced death and it changes them. Some have already moved away. Some are coping with stress. Others are rethinking their purpose. It’s noted that the hustle of traffic is calmer now. But they wonder if the shifts in perspective will continue.

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