Migration, even

This call:

Towards forward-looking migration governance: addressing the challenges, assessing capacities and designing future strategies (text)

We could make it much richer:

The role of international aid, development agencies, and regional policies, e.g. neighbourhood or ACP-oriented policies, should be assessed.

And also “pull in” the emergent solutions in OpenCare:

The analysis of the role and potential of successful bottom-up citizens’ initiatives for local migration governance is also encouraged.

And maybe involve UNDP:

Inclusion of partners from EU and non-EU transit and destination countries is encouraged, also in consideration of the role played by the EU and its specialised agencies.

Plus my friends in OpenMigration.

There is so much we could do! This is 9 million – three projects.

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YES to this. Will be sharing reflections shortly but wanted to simply note for now a big YES.