Milano video01 : opencare | Milano meets Local Communities

As you probably already noticed from the social networks we in Milano also produced a video in italian, to explain opencare and invite people to participate to the conversation and activities.

Yesterday night we had the first meeting of the Codesign session. It went GREAT! more to come on this.

Great video!

@Costantino, you are a great TV speaker! :slight_smile:

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there was a lot of cut and pasting while recording :wink:

and you know … my surname

(disclaimer: there’s no relationship despite the identical surname)

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I managed to forget about the surname!


translating the script

We decided to make it in italian, but in the pipeline there is putting the subs in EN.

The script is in the youtube description if someone … :wink:

In any case we’ll do it in the next weeks so it can be used internationally if you all wanna use it!

(and of course this is a super nice job of the all the Milano team!!!)

@Cristina_Martellosio @Rossana_Torri Andrea @albertosimonetti @alessandro_contini @Silvia_D’Ambrosio @ChiaraFrr just to mention a few :wink: