Mini WorkShops at Lote and unMo


As an additional challenge to help tweak participation: the host team respectfully encourages everyone to prepare themselves as workshop leadership with a ‘mini’ 4 minute workshop that they can then exchange in small groups as little as one-on-one.  Workshop themes can be as wide as possible, either in or outside the thematic realm of the unMO and the 46 actions of community service.

A separate posting that further unpacks the possibilities in this suggestion will soon be available.

The Honorable Welcoming Committee wishes to promote everyone’s active participation…

Lead your own workshop and enhance your footprint.

In Strasbourg, in order to enter the Council of Europe building with expediency, we were all declared experts.

What have you got up your expert sleeve?  We may be travelling light, but each of us has a thought process that would benefit from being illuminated by exposure to our fellow Edgeryders.

What if everyone is prepared to hold a four-minute workshop at a moments notice?  

Done one-to-one, or to a small group of 4 or 5?

Here’s a possible recipe to get people started:

1.  Pick out your thematic territory.

2.  Find that catchy title – that could fit on a little sign.  (If this is illusive, find someone online who may be able to help.)

3.  Plot two alternative explorations through your material that both work.

4.  Think about it during your trip.  Take notes ?

5.  Once in Matera, inquire of others if they have a mini-workshop to exchange.  If not, offer to hold yours for them.

6.  Sit on an unSofa, or pop round a corner with your pillow/mats and unpack your current thoughts.

7.  Take notes.

8. Share your insights from the workshops at the unDojo space.

At the unDojo space we plan to have a big board where you can write what mini-workshop you can offer, or you can propose it in the comment here as well.