[MIR application] WeHandU - Kickoff Event

WeHandU aims to establish an online platform, where users can share, browse and modify projects capable of helping people affected by disability.

WeHandU tryes to solve the problem everyone with disability encounters: prosthesis are not personalized and often need to customized in regard of each personal need.

The target is everyone intersted in or affected by disability, ready to learn, design, share and produce their personal device to deal with one (or more) disability.

WeHandU consists of a site where users can browse a database of existing solution, and can share their own ideas. A group of chosen user, called MENTORS, will help develop ideas that look promising, granting a solid know-how in many field (design, engineering, law, medicin, etc.).

WeHandU will be an online site, but the focus is on customised items, thus it will be strongly connected to 3D printing technology.


Creative Commons license

The project is still gathering minds to achieve its goals. The site is online, but it’s still an early build with very few functionalities.

WeHandU is at the development stage: we need to put in practice our ideas!

Did the kick off event happen?

Hi @Frankie_Bortot ! I somehow missed this post but Rune was telling me that the work is progressing…

I was in Milano in November last, with the opencare team, and I know that the priority was to get WeHand U started somehow, and that coordination of a network is a large task for a small team. But buillding a prototype, as small as it were, could be realistic. InPe developed with WeMake community seemed to be an example of a good approach, especially because it was captured on video too, so people could see what it is actually about. What is your priority at the moment?

Waving from Brussels, and looking forward to meet in person this autumn when I’ll be back in Milano,

WeHandU - Kick off Event

Hi @Noemi!

The kick off event had a good start. During the first meetings we gave the patient some specific knowledge about 3D printing technology; now we are more focusing on teaching how to use a 3D CAD (specifically OnShape) to get from the idea to the 3D model. The patient is really interested and is actively participating, asking for more and more: this is a great success! Our priority is to keep the patient engaged and to give them all the tools for developing their own ideas (and this patient has A LOT of ideas in mind).

Thanks for the support!

Heard of Adaptive Design?

This just came in via another edgeryder - it might be easier for WeHandU to build on existing models than start from scratch, and these guys started in the US but support replication of their model. Have a look here?