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On Wednesday 31st of May there was the closure of the CALL FOR MAKERS | opencare Maker in Residence.

The application process wasn’t easy at all! It required three main steps. The reason why of this process lies on our opencare vision: we strongly believe that a collaboration is also possible within online and offline communities, composed by professionals, doctors, researchers, practitioners, economists, social media experts, designers, activists but also real users, citizens, people with special needs, students, makers, tinkers and many other stakeholders interested in building encounters.

By clicking on this link you can read all the stories  which applied to the MIR within the 3 topics :

  • Hacking and making
  • Healthcare and social care
  • Open science and technologies

Allright makers, time to stow the gab and announce the accepted projects.

The opencare team, based at WeMake, is glad to announce that the following projects will be officially part of the first edition of opencare Maker in Residence:

WeHandU |

The Question:

Perform simple and everyday tasks independently.

The Problem:

A person with amputee hand and locked elbow.

The Solution:

A helping device held in the hand, capable of interacting with multiple items

Continue to read the Story of WeHandU on EdgeRyders.

ReHub | by Mauro Alfieri and Sara Savian @rehub

The Question:

Is there a quantitative tool to monitor the hand rehabilitation?

The Problem:

The lack of a tool able to provide a digital feedback on the progress of proprioceptive physiotherapy.

The Solution:

A wearable glove that can record and transmit data thanks to a sensor system.

Continue to read the Story of ReHub on EdgeRyders.

ResQ | by Luca Tarasco Nushin Alishahi Emanuela Pucci Francesca Previati @resq

The Question:

How to help refugees in getting a more efficient healthcare service?

The Problem:

Language barriers often lead to misunderstanding and psychological weight for foreigner patients.

The Solution:

ResQ is an app that connects physicians over common patients, providing a complete overlook to minimise language barriers.

Continue to read the Story of ResQ on EdgeRyders.

Breathing Games | by Fabio Balli, Povilas and Duglas

The Question:

How to ensure that (lifesaving) health innovation benefits all?

The Problem:

Competition and copyrights hinder the free use and adaptation of health innovation.

The Solution:

We co-create knowledge and technologies that can be used and adapted by everyone, in all countries.

Continue to read the Story of Breathing Games on EdgeRyders.

AllergoKi | by Nicoletta Faltracco and Monica Zambolin

The Question:

There are a lot of people with food allergies and/or intolerances, that too often are forced to renounce to have dinner outside because they are afraid to feel bad.

The Problem:

People with food allergies and/or intolerances feel immense embarrassment every time they have to tell their health condition.

The Solution:

AllergoKi wants to create a visual/tech “system” placed in the restaurants or any food court, in order to have a comfortable and convivial atmosphere for anyone.

Continue to read the Story of AllergoKi on EdgeRyders.

In the next days we are going to meet each team, in order to set a specific schedule in terms of calendar, resources, activities and much more.

 opencare Maker in Residece | WeMake team

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