Missing post? And: how do I improve someone else's codes?

I have found a super- high quality thread on stewardship that appears not to have been coded. This:


I have now marked it for import into the Assembl conversation. @Inga_Popovaite, have you missed it? Or is there a reason for leaving it out?

And a question to Inga, but also to @danohu: if I wanted to code that particular thread myself, but re-using Inga’s ontology, how would  I do it? I have looked at the OE user’s manual, but that is more of an installation manual… wink

Hmm. I think it was posted after @Noemi put all content for analysis together in this spreadsheet, which I used. I don’t know how to use someone else’s code list, shall I just code it?

No point

No, leave it. We still need how to use and review other people’s codes. @danohu, can you help?

This was about a forking feature, right?

I think our last and best idea to implement basing ones codes on someone else’s codes was forking them into a redundant version that is connected with a reference to the base tag it as forked from, to receive “updates” that one can then take over. It should be part of the sidebar eventually, but I think it’s not yet implemented (by taking a look at the only not-yet-integrated pull request for the new sidebar). @danohu, do you remember if we wanted to implement it within the scope of this project?


Ah, that. When I look at posts coded by Inga, or highlight text, I see the annotate button. Clicking it, I get the annotator window, but no sidebar. Is this normal?

Yes, normal until I install the new version

Dan has finished the sidebar, but I did not yet test and merge it and install it online. I’ll get this done, but give me a week at least for finishing crisis level tasks over here in Nepal :slight_smile: