Mobile Labs, DIWO biohacking

from my friends Urs Gaudenz and Sachico I take this quote:
Lab Making

" Urs Gaudenz, Sachiko Hirosue

Making a Laboratory is both a spontaneous activity and a slow labor of love.

A Lab is a place to labor, experiment, research and share — this could be anywhere. There is no labor, experiment, research nor sharing without the people. It is not a museum for journalists. A Lab is first the person and first+ the people. Start a Lab small in a box, suitcase, backpack, picnic basket and take it with you. A Mobile Lab allows you to go to people, and not wait for the others to come"

from the lab making to the lab and community caring or why we develop infrastructures to share; share is caring and caring is part of sharing …

more ideas to come !

Hello Pin,

This is exactly the kind of work i’m currently helping to develope in Brussels. We got funded for this idea: and i was part of the developmentteam of vélo M2 that creates modular systems for cargo bikes, so you can have a cinema, coffee, plantlab on the go with any kind of cargo bike. Now i’m creating a new kind of lab with hopefully a mobile counterpart: a fermentationlab Redirecting...

Curious to hear more from your ideas

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cool that you are working on that I think is needed to have mobility, actually the one that we are building is to make medical auto exploration test, based on gynecology or in general “reproductive organs” now changing a big this concept about reproductive to Trans so everyone is inclcuden doesn.t matter the sexual organs involved. From the last two years this was called gynepunk mobile lab and now going into transition to Bio-trans-lab. I’ m established at Pechblenda physical space but now starting again the nomadic mobile labs.
The idea of this Bio-trans-lab is to develop accessible tools for inspection and auto knowledge from the body and the concept around hardGlam you can checked here Hardglam CONCEPT – Micromacropleasure On Friday I will be around with some mobile labs … see you there ! !